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Track? !D. Blogspot_ was created to introduce the Underground Music which is presented in all the well-known Venues and Festivals around the World. Composed by a mosaic of sounds from Deep House to solid Tech House, Techno and to atmospheric-melodic Tech house between the limits of minimal and electronica. Exploring this music oasis you will travel beyond anything that was considered to be ordinary till now.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hackman delivers an Amazing Piano melodic with vocals Ep.KiNK & Timo Maas remix this going into more vibing Territories!


 Timo Maas
Hackman delivers an Amazing Piano melodic with vocals Ep.KiNK & Timo Maas remix this going into more vibing Territories!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Simion delivers a deep house bomb with captivating melodies & vocals!Johannes Brecht and Betoko remix into darker territories!

On April 17 Hedonism return with ‘Why Don’t You Say’, a deep vocal cut from their own label head, DJ and producer Simion. Armed with some stellar remixes from Pete Tong favourite Johannes Brecht and Betoko.

Hedonism Music

Kicking off with Simion’s original mix, ‘Why Don’t You Say’ is a deep house bomb bursting with a funky tech bassline, captivating melodies and a soothing vocal line that builds to the harmonious breakdown. 

Before the Johannes Brecht and Betoko remixes take Simion’s original into darker territories.

Marking a triumphant return to his label, Simion’s previous releases on Hedonism include his massive remix of Ben Pearce's 'What I Might Do', and 2014’s U&I. He’s also enjoyed success with a host of releases on other labels including Off Recordings and Suara, where most recently he dropped the acclaimed ‘Give You Love (The Piano)’.

Julia Govor_ Underground techno DJ set in the Mixmag Lab LA_ [Includes Tribute]

Official Site

Booking request:

Julia Govor was born to move people. She made her debut performing in a small military town in Abkhazia, which led to her becoming the cassette-DJ at the town's nightclub. Every Saturday, the ever-diligent Julia was on stage performing new songs by Russian singers or songs written by her oldest sister, Galina. Soon thereafter, she became the lead singer in the locally-famous military band called Moryachka. Still sharpening her mixing skillsshe began using Paul White's elegant silver Tascam to play pop songs by Sandra, Mr. President, 20 Fingers and other 90's pop divas.The big payback: In 2000 she moved to Temruk in South Russia where she became a bona fide DJ, playing CDs and mixing on a Vestax PMC01A. Then the big city came calling. In 2004, she eventually moved to Moscow to study film and TV Production. This is when her vocational arc as an all-round entertainment maven began to fully take flight. She became an on-air personality for Miller TV and MTV and went on to interview some of the industry's most prolific players such as Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, David Guetta and even Iggy Pop.


In 2010, the petite and vivacious Russian lady with knack for telling hypnotic stories got back to what she does best: DJing. She lent her talents to the legendary Moscow underground club Arma17 for several years. During this period Julia could also be found making impactive appearances at Movement in Detroit, Kazantip in Ukraine, WMC in Miami, ADE in Amsterdam and Sonar Off in Barcelona. Having been deeply inspired by the Techno artists she played alongside over that period, Julia began to produce her own tracksIn 2012 she signed to both Visionquest and Get Physical. Julia’s distinctly resonant frequencies and uncommon melodies have also caught the attention of labels such as Superfreq records. Her most recent release on Highway records was reviewed by noted outlets including Thump and VICE. Her solo record Litmus (Fall 2014) on Hypertone records received a glowing review in Mixmag.

In 2013 Julia relocated to New York. The following year opened a whole new door for her. After her time-stopping performance with Jeff Mills, Julia became the artist who those in the know are hailing as the new and rightful heir of futuristic techno. Julia recently DJ’d at Space Ibiza NY for Victor Calderone's Matter_music parties. With the support of iconic DJs Carl Cox and Pete Tong, Julia is the host and creative producer of Burn Residency News - the accomplished series about global DJ contests. At the core of her DJ sets is the ever-present element of emotional truth and a quest to redefine her audience’s relationship with beat. Simply put, she firmly believes in churning out sexy techno grooves with dramatic expressions and select layers of sound. Not to forget the boundless charm and ambrosial melodies. 

That is Julia Govor in a nutshell.

Benjamin Buttons_ Live In The Mix Deep/Tech/HOUSE 24/04/15_ Set_ Free Download_ of the Day 25/04/2015_

Benjamin Buttons 
 21 year old DJ/Producer from London.

He has grown up surrounded by house music & his parents were raving before he was even born! His Fascination with House Music has lead to him achieving many things. He has played at a variety of big clubs in London, and He has even held a 2 year residency at one of London's most exciting parties. His passion and dedication to the music is reflected by his ongoing desire to provide listeners with fresh unheard of material, and how he takes people on a spiritual journey through his exhilirating live sets. To Benjamin it is not just about playing music, its about feeling the music, and understanding how a continuous mix of tracks can maintain an energy which is unexplainable in some cases.

His aim is to inject soul into an audience through his clever track selection and devastating basselines.

He has recently finished a music production course at a college in London and is ready to take the next step towards his dream. With unreleased material receiving huge support from some of his favourite artists already. Things can only get better!

KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE are coming on DIYNAMIC MUSIC with a Unique & Magic Ep.Melodies & Vibes!


Cesare vs Disorder on Vakant also remixed by Cristi Cons & Fango.Amazing Ep!

It's not a simple thing to write about your own tunes. Your concept is innate, the music itself is in your mind and comes out as a natural flow, talking about it is a different thing.

This time I wanted to come up with something different for my new EP on Vakant. Something unexpected for the ones who know Cesare vs Disorder's sound.

 I wanted to make a few tunes that reminded me about those lost feelings of the 90s, when electronic music was made not only for the clubs but also for the soul and the mind, not directly for a purpose but as a natural answer to time and space. 

After the classic "orientation" battle with head-honcho Alex we finally agreed on these tunes "Vortex" and "Unreason", one I would say more spaced out and heavy-orientated, the other almost resembling those Electronica times when I really enjoyed flying with my brain and my emotions.

We finally also agreed to add a couple of remixes of Vortex by Romanian rising star Cristi Cons and Italian talent Fango. They both delivered unique stellar interpretations and I am happy to present the project to the world.

Seth Troxler coming on his very own Tuskegee with deep grooves that slowly build into dancefloor stomper!


Seth Troxler
Tuskegee Music 

18th May (Beatport Digital)

Finally Mixmag makes Premiere long awaited Fur Coat 's new Bomb!Great!


Fur Coat

Friday, 24 April 2015

Track? !D. Premiere Presentation_ Nocturnal Sunshine - Never Too Late_ by Maya Jane Coles_

 Nocturnal Sunshine

Pre-order ‘Nocturnal Sunshine’ on iTunes now and get "Take Me There"

Order the Limited Edition Record Store Day vinyl including "Take Me There" and "Never Too Late" here:
Purchase the "Take Me There" bundle on Beatport:
Stream the "Take Me There" bundle on Spotify:

LoYoTo comes on Upon You Records.Also remixed by unique Marco Resmann.Amazing Ep!

Lets Vibe Lets Techno:Adam Beyer comes on his Drumcode with an amazing Techno Ep once more!


Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer’s ‘Stone Flower’ EP is out 4 May on Drumcode

MYNY also remixed by Aaaron on Solide.Amazing Texh vibes both tracks!

Apart from the rush and hype all around electronic music these days, charmly embraced by the mighty Black Forrest, is the center of the Badnerland, good old Freiburg in Germany.



 At first it may be hard to believe that there is more than just sunshine and wine this far south, but you would be surprised by the ever growing request for electronic music in this region. So at this point it just feels right to finally come up with a strong label throughout this exciting movement, you have guessed it: Solide.

Steve Kis grew up with many different sounds and his idea was that “there is music in the air, music all around us_Up the GReeks_

Code Name: Steve Kis  


Born in Greece, Steve Kis grew up with many different sounds and his idea was that “there is music in the air, music all around us, the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require”, so he realized where his refuge would be. His official musical influences started at the age of 16 & he developed a feeling for electronic, jazz, soul & funk. 

'Growing up he found his real love for House music_'

Steve Kis is well known for his spinning eclectic sets & works as a professional dj, after many years of experience, he is now sharing booths with the most talented and top djs, not only in Greece but also abroad. He is deeply steeped in the name of House but he had to succeed. So combination of inventiveness and flexibility led him to soulful, deep & tech house.His residencies at bars & clubs where he started, taught him that music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. Some years before he started as a resident at Nouveau (Parga), his main “HOUSE”, where he used to welcome mostly in the summer djs from all over Greece and abroad, although he continued spreading his musical vibes with a lot of guestings every year like some of his latest such as:

Dybbuk (Athens), Cabaret (Athens), Tender (Athens), Animal (Athens), Reina (Larissa), Drazel(Athens),Scarpa(Mykonos),Aroma(Mykonos),Copla(Lefkada),TangoClub (Parga), Mamacas (AthensGazi), Buca (Larissa), Mylos (Kos), Thirteen (Mykonos), Kubrick (Larissa), Ambassador(Kalamata),Housaki(AthensGlyfada), Bahia (Kalamata), Rocknrolla (Thessaloniki), La Roca (Kavala) & other outstanding events that made him keep on going.Also many of his sets are including in Dance radio stations with guest mixes around world.

The past few years he shared decks around Greece with notable djs Such us: 

G Pal, Agent Greg, Monsieur M. , Cj Jeff, Endie Kenzak , A.M.X, Cleopatra Anna Anastasiou Gus & Bonso Jojo & Duke Dj Dino(MFU) Inspiro Adrianos Papadeas
Freespirit Vicky Bania Tall F Freespirit George R Dj Dello, Prosis Simos Danalis
Echonomist Alex Nude Thodoris Triantafillou Dj Angelo(global fantasy)
Terry Francis Diogo Accioly(Talking Props) Argy

Johnn B Jr and many more who taught him that music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life & expresses feelings and thoughts.

His whole trick is to keep the tune well out in front…

At the time being he is working on his own production & remixes, benefited from his musical tastes.

Track? !D. Thnx Steve Kis 
For Providing Us all that useful info beyond that Tribute.

Rising Star_Andy Martin_ Fancy Abduction (Original Mix)_ [Includes Artist Tribute]

Contact Info For Andy Martin: 


Andy Martin was born and raised in the belly of Mexico, where time seems not to exist, surrounded by myths and legends. Fascinated in a young age about science fiction, always dreaming about exploring places that no one has gone before. now at days its pretty the same thing... but with sound, trying to transform all this science fiction fascination into the reality through music. Thinking that music it’s a universal language that almost everyone can understand as a pure expression without borders , sound as an imaginary space where you can create and build anything that you want without limits, just as a sound explorer...He is part of the new generation of electronic artist in Latin America. Nowdays he is an essential piece of the techno scene in México along with other artists. His music/choices & Productions has been played by artists like Stacey PullenMagdaKolomboTroy PierceAzari & III, among others.

Unreleased Presentation:Watch Mano Le Tough playing Long awaited Frankey & Sandrino *Magic* Track forthcoming....!


Frankey & Sandrino

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