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Thursday, 8 December 2016

andhim delivered 'Tosch EP' on 5th Dec 2016 at Superfriends_ EP of the Day 08/12/2016

andhim 'Tosch EP'
Rel Date: 5th Dec 2016
Listen to our "Tosch EP" now:

Stream / Download:

Tosch EP on Superfriends Records

Superfriends is the new label from Andhim; a label that captures the pair’s charm and ebullience, not only from their past releases but also serves as a stylistic trajectory to date; one that has moved from gentle eclecticism through infinite fun into a refined and contagiously unique electronic sound.

Andhim have over the last decade cultivated an exceptionally loyal fan base of musical lovers and peers alike; that continue to crave the German pairs musical agility and action packed forays.

Superfriends is far from a obvious tick in andhim’s career “to do list” but a strong clue that they are capably poised to continue their anti-intellectualism approach to everything they do.
The international colours of andhim continue to reach all corners of the dance floor focusing less on the narrative and more on the big and fun– Superfriends is set to be an outlet for the production/DJ duo’s most ambitious ideas. An independent exercise in only the finest studio output from themselves but those that inspire, influence and impress.
The first release “Tosch EP” is pristine in production and devoid of existing label noise, where powerfully subtle melodies can sit side by side with immersive dance floor heavy electronic music.
“Tosch EP” signals the pairs desire to remain multifaceted in approach and DIY in execution while also slowly revealing the imagination behind it. The culmination of an intensely creative career to date; andhim brandish a variety tonal ideas that include spacious, diversified and unforced melodies that capture the emotion displayed in the DJ booth.

Bjarki closes an epic year of releases on трип with a genre defying 12” harking back to the misty days of rave and acid house_ Bjarki - Fresh Jive/ Genat 8 - TRP011_

Bjarki closes an epic year of releases on трип with a genre defying 12” harking back to the misty days of rave and acid house. The frenetic ‘Fresh Jive’ features Bjarki’s trademark ethereal pads, metallic percussion and a resonant bass melody to create the perfect dancefloor ear worm. ‘Genat 8’ broods as it builds with vocal snips and jittery percussion, heavy bass and moody soundscapes. It’s an essential vinyl cut that will further define the Icelandic artists unique reworking of classic dancefloor elements into his own signature sound.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Afterlife is thrilled to announce a collaborative release of Mind Against and Aether. ‘Solaris’ is a melancholic listen in the form of a three track EP that brings in the light, dives in the dark and finally grounds you.

Out: February 10th, 2017.

Filled with contrasts in light and shadow and all the shades in between, Afterlife is thrilled to announce a collaborative release of Mind Against and Aether. ‘Solaris’ is a melancholic listen in the form of a three track EP that brings in the light, dives in the dark and finally grounds you.
The title track ‘Solaris’ starts off with a poised, hypnotic groove that surges into arpeggiated chords, lighting the way. ‘Eclipse’ drifts off into a svelte bassline working with a darker, driven composition of synths. ‘Event Horizon’ finishes with an immaculately hewn journey, with focus on harmonic developments and whirring polymetrics.

German Archmage Dixon won for Fourth time in a row the Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs poll!Jackmaster, Tale Of Us,Maceo Plex & Solomun were on Top 5!

Resident Advisor’s released Top 100 DJs poll & German Archmage Dixon won for Fourth time in a row the First position. Following next Great Artists such us Jackmaster, Tale Of Us,Maceo Plex, Solomun & Adam Beyer!

New Stars such us Patrick Topping & The Black Madonna hit the top 20.

Check top 100 & Resident Advisor's Article here:

Here is The Top 100:

100. Guy Gerber

99. Kobosil Kobosil
98. Paula Temple
97. DJ Nobu
96. Mall Grab
95. Call Super
94. Optimo
93. Nicole Moudaber
92. Move D
91. Black Coffee
90. tINI tINI
89. Green Velvet
88. DJ Stingray
87. Robert Hood
86. Konstantin
85. Barac
84. Floating Points
83. Sonja Moonear
82. Artwork
81. DJ Harvey
80. Chris Liebing
79. Lee Burridge
78. Dubfire
77. Scuba
76. Lena Willikens
75. Mike Servito
74. Joy Orbison
73. DJ Tennis
72. Kerri Chandler
71. Donato Dozzy
70. Archie Hamilton
69. Jasper James
68. Antal
67. Daniel Avery
66. Slam
65. wAFF
64. Adriatique
63. John Digweed
62. Loco Dice
61. Len Faki
60. Objekt
59. Roman Flügel
58. Rhadoo
57. Jeremy Underground
56. Dax J
55. Sasha
54. Richy Ahmed
53. Solardo
52. DVS1
51. Pan-Pot
50. Four Tet

49. DJ Koze
48. Palms Trax
47. Zip
46. Job Jobse
45. John Talabot
44. Kolsch
43. Jeff Mills
42. Marcel Dettmann
41. Joris Voorn
40. Alan Fitzpatrick
39. Raresh
38. Marco Carola
37. Claude VonStroke
36. Enzo Siragusa
35. Apollonia
34. Hot Since 82
33. Mind Against
32. Midland
31. Helena Hauff
30. Gerd Janson
29. Sven Vath
28. Richie Hawtin
27. Laurent Garnier
26. Denis Sulta
25. Joseph Capriati
24. Seth Troxler
23. Mano Le Tough
22. Nina Kraviz
21. Eats Everything
20. Rødhåd
19. Hunee
18. Jamie Jones
17. The Martinez Brothers
16. Ben Klock
15. Skream
14. Carl Cox
13. Ricardo Villalobos
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble
11. Patrick Topping
10. The Black Madonna
9. Ben UFO
8. Bicep
7. Âme
6. Adam Beyer
5. Solomun
4. Maceo Plex
3. Tale Of Us
2. Jackmaster 

1. Dixon

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Swedish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Sjödin, under the moniker Sailor & I, mines a territory that brings to mind melancholic, ambitious and richly orchestrated PRoductions and Massive Collaborations through the Underground Scene_ Track? !D. ARTist PResentation_

Useful Official Links About_ Sailor & I



Premiered on Radio 1 last night and online today, Black Swan is the first single taken from Sailor & I debut album on Skint.  A haunting and compelling piece of glacial pop with a heart thumping climax, Black Swan reveals the true genre spanning possibilities of Sailor & I. 

The single comes with an atmospheric techno remix from Maceo PlexSwedish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Sjödin doesn’t fit most of the archetypes associated with electronic music. Under the moniker Sailor & I he mines a territory that brings to mind the melancholic, ambitious and richly orchestrated songwriting of Sigur Ros or Bon Iver, as much as the deep Balearic techno class of DJ-producers such as Solomun and Dixon.

And yet it’ s all done in such a way that you’ reliable to hear his music crop up in the sets of unashamed populists like Pete Tong and Eric Prydz. He is that rare creature, a serious, boundary-pushing producer who has the common touch.

He first caused an A&R storm on Soundcloud in 2012 with ‘Tough Love’ , a string-swathed ballad that would later get a full release on Black Butter, the London label that discovered, Jessie Ware, Rudimental, Clean  Bandit and Gorgon City. Sailor & I’s reputation has been growing steadily since, with the Âme mix of Turn Aroundon the respected Italian label Life and Death sealing his reputation.

Encompassing electronic dance and pop, Sjödin’ s forthcoming album showcases both his dancefloor credentials and his flair for a memorable hook. Amongst the stand out tracks  'Flickering Lights' mingles a gradually building deep house pulse with widescreen atmospherics and grand sweeps of synthesized melody whilst the haunted pop of 'Fire on the Moon' contains  something of Trentemøller's doomed orchestral techno

The duality of his moniker Sailor & I, is intended to represent the two wills competing inside Sjödin – reason and drive, ego and id.  As it is for many people, music has always been a release, from Sjödin’s discovery of Beastie Boys and Kiss to a Road-to-Damascus moment when he was lit up by an orchestral performance on television as a boy.

Nowadays he enjoys everything from hip hop to hard rock, from the jazz of Bill Evans, Chet Baker, and Miles Davis to caustic punk rock. Indeed, as the b-side to last year’ s elegiac ‘Sweat’ single, released on his own The Invention of Loneliness label, Sjödin did a startling, plaintive cover of Joy Division’ s ‘ Disorder’. His dance floor credentials belaying a singer songwriters background, and a penchant for indie and rock. 

“This started as an indie band project, but now I’ ve built a profile as an electronic act. In the future, though, it could go anywhere. ” Alexander Sjödin concludes. To date Sjödin has played shows from Japan to Bukarest, Moscow to Ibiza, London to Paris. 

“The important thing is for me to be able to spend my time making music and delivering it to people. Until I know I’m playing 100 shows next year, I won’ t be happy.”


Track? !D. : How did you initially become introduced to Underground music?

Sailor & I:  I can't remember exactly, I've been listing to all different kinds of underground music, not only electronic underground music. One of the first acts I fell in love with was the New York-duo 'Suicide', that made me go more into what I do now, away from the indie guitar scene. 

When I heard what they achieved production wise with such a few instruments and sparse arrangements, I got totally blown away about how emotionally strong their music was with such a few elements.

Track? !D. : Your Plans For 2017?

Sailor & I: Starting off the year by releasing my debut album 'The Invention of Loneliness', Feb 24 to be more precise. I'm really excited about to perform the songs from this album and I most of my time 2017 will be dedicated to playing clubs and festivals. 

I've been working on two different live setups, one solo setup where I sing, play synths, electronic drums and live mixing stems and loops, which is a setup that has been developing over the past two years and is the result of the opening shows I've done for artists like Tale Of Us & M83, so it works very well in both techno parties as well as more eclectic events with experimental music. 

The other setup is band oriented and involves another synth player and a live drummer. 

I will bring this setup to bigger festivals and eventually to concert venues.

Track? !D. : How would you describe your sounds?

Sailor & I: The Invention Of Loneliness happened to become a much darker and more electronic oriented album than the initial idea I had for it. It's a mix of very filmic music and club music, indie electronic music with a deep melancholic touch and of course with my signature sound that I think people relate to as Sailor & I –  my vocals and the strong emotional mood. There's a lot of variations between the different songs in terms of sounds and feel, but there is a main story throughout the album within the lyrics and the melodies. 

What I find interesting is that the album can be taken apart into separated songs, like a collection of songs that represents my present musical journey. It's also a classic album in that sense that is has a bigger story and that you can listen to it from song 1-10. The main story theme I've chosen to call 'The Invention of Loneliness'. It describes that kind of Loneliness that can be found in all people making art, the relationship between the creative person and his or her art and the struggle to connect with that to be able to reach out with your message to other people. 

When you're in this process, you're connecting to something beyond your consciousness and will easily get lost and very lonely, but when you're back up, above the surface, you realize that this is what it takes to make something much bigger than your little mind would be able to dream up.

Track?!D. :When you're  not busy with music, then…

Sailor & I: I've always played a lot of ball sports, like table tennis, soccer, basket ball, etc. If it's a nice sunny day and I feel restless, I go out by myself to play in a park, I could do that for hours, but I'm not doing any sport activity in an organized team. I also read quite a few books every year, mostly classic novels. 

When I'm finishing the work day (in the nights) I always watch a documentary before I sleep, I love exploring others stories and journeys.

Track? !D. : Top 5 records (of the moment)?

Sailor & I:

1. Pional – It's All Over
2. Eduardo De La Calle – Mondo 8
3. Tones Of Tail – When You're Smiling
4. Baba Stiltz – Ja Rule
5. Monotonic – Museum of Love

Track? !D. : Favourite or Inspiring artist/artists?

Sailor & I: There's many many inspiring artists, but I tend to stick to the ones who is always re-inventing themselves musically and still keep their core of expression. One of my favorite composers and musician is the Japanese genius  Ryuichi Sakamoto

He creates these minimalistic, beautifully orchestrated piece of music. I find him very interesting because he has this Japanese way of doing things perfect with subtle elements and creating something something very big with fine elegant brushstrokes. 

It can be boring when it's done too perfect and without a strong theme, but that never happens with Nakamoto. Another favorite is Mark Hollis, the composer and singer of the 80's band Talk Talk. His voice always sets a tone in me. 

Track? !D. Blog would like to thank Alexander Sjödin AKA Sailor & I, for PRoviding us all useful Material beyond that feature & Interview.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Third Son delivers 'Black Hole' EP @ Upon.You Records _ EP of the Day 05/12/2016

Out of London / UK comes the latest addition to the Upon.You Records roster – Third Son. A young producer who has not only launched his ow imprint Polymath recently but also appeared on labels like Cajual, Materialism, Sincopat and quite a few more since he appeared on the production circuit in 2014. Being a hot kid on the scene we're proud to present his newest musical outing, a three tracker going by the name of „Black Hole EP“.

His „Black Hole Escape Mechanism“ does not only defy the logic of physics but caters as a blueprint for masterly crafted build-ups when it comes to dark'ish, minimalistic space music for advanced dancefloors, combining a well stripped down approach with symphonic synths that live and breathe timeless retrofuturism for reals. If Bladerunner was shot today, this track would be a part of the score fro a reason. 

With „Mod Source“ we see Third Son sticking to a space-related theme, exploring a sparse, yet spiralling TechHouse universe whilst adding scattered layers of partly Jazz-influenced percussive wizzardry and a fragile, most beautiful vintage synth breakdown before a simple, super effective bassline brings in quite a bit of extra punch for dancefloors in need.

Finally „Ardour“ takes us up a more muscular alley on which Third Son's trademark minimalism meets sharp hi-hats, a busy, ever climaxing main motif and loads of detailed, shifting modulation works whilst more epic retrofuturism is turning to the off-kilter side of things, creating a fascinating, slightly detuned acoustic effect for true worshipppers of the ever pounding 4x4.

Watch Master Richie Hawtin performing with his PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer @ Output NYC ! Genius!

Richie Hawtin  PLAYdifferently  Mixmag
More on PLAYdifferently:
More on Richie Hawtin:
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Check out what's coming up at Output:

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Watch the Historic Resident Advisor's Documentary Carl Cox: Space is the place ! Iconic!

Watch the 45-minute film about Carl Cox, Pepe Rosello & Space Ibiza  which closed its doors for the final time in October 2016 at the White Island .

Visit the RA feature page: 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Watch Pete Tong performing at The O2 for Ibiza Classics with The Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley! Breathtaking!

'Incredible night at The O2 for Ibiza Classics with The Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley!

Classics WILL RETURN in December 2017! 
Register now:'

Stream Magic Gem 'Black Swan' Maceo Plex remix & Sailor & I's Original coming on Invention of Loneliness at Skint Records

Taken from the Invention of Loneliness out 24/2/17

Written & produced by Alexander Sjödin
Mixed by Chris Allen
Mastered by Matt Colton

Follow Sailor & I:

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Resident Advisor's film Carl Cox: Space Is The Place premieres tonight on Channel 4 !

 Carl Cox: Space Is The Place, premieres 

tonight on Channel 4 at 12:05 AM.
  - Resident Advisor - _Presents_ Paul Anthonee - FYSB Season 07 Chapter 11 [25 NOV 2016]_ Set Of the Day 30/11/2016


Paul Anthonee (also known as Antonis Pavlides) was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, where was influenced from a young age by his musical surroundings. A Deep House / Tech House / Techno experimental producer and dj, based in Thessaloniki, Greece since 2003 and the co-owner of eXtreme Radio in Greece! 

He has been djing since 2000 as well as promoting highly successful parties in Greece & Cyprus. He also played next to superstar international djs and artists like KOSHEEN, Parov Stelar, Boy George, John Digweed, Sasha, James Zabiela, Tiefschwarz, The Martinez Brothers, Joe Claussell, Kevin Yost, Terry Lee Brown to name a few… 

In 2015 he was on the amazing line up of the 11th REWORKS FESTIVAL in Thessaloniki, and one of the headliners of REBORN FESTIVAL in Lemnos Island! Labels: LAPSUS MUSIC / Daylight Robbery / Prison Entertaiment / Us & Them Records / Soleid / Southshore Digital / Music Evolution / Madison Square / Perception Music / PlayNow Records / Sundown Records / Emerald & Doreen Records / Soho Music Movement /

  FYSB Season 07 Chapter 11


01. Johannes Brecht - Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Obligatory RMX) [DIYNAMIC MUSIC]
02. Vanni & Fav - Affinity (Dark Dub Mix) [Favouritizm]

03. Paul Anthonee - ID [Unreleased]
04. Retten - Osiride (THE THC Remix) [Tentacles Recordings]
05. bastinov - Regis [Etruria beat]
06. Upercent - Gent Toxina [Upon You Records]
07. Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx - Peaches (KIKO Remix) [Neverending Records]
08. Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx - Peaches (Alberto Ruiz Remix) [Neverending Records]
09. Maceo Plex - Motor Rotor [Ellum Audio]
10. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad ( Enrico SangiulianoRemix) [Drumcode]
11. Timmo - Ethereal [Tulipa Recordings]

See you All Next Friday at 21.00 GMT+2 on


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