Release Date2014-04-16             Labels Moon Harbour Records

Following on from the success of Ekkohaus' debut album, No School, last year, Moon Harbour now offer a selection of high quality remixes. The chosen ones include Watergate mix star and bona-fide house godfather Kerri Chandler, Made to Play boss Jesse Rose, label regular Sven Tasnadi, Greek producer John Dimas and rising Russian talent and Beatport remix contest winner, Ki.Mi.


Supported by: Tensnake, Kiki, 2000 And One, DJ W!LD, Marco Carola, Sabb, Tripmastaz, Re.You, Luca Bacchetti, Ralf Kollmann, Todd Bodine, Zohki & Roozlee, Blind Minded, Chris Wood, Martin Eyerer, Raresh, Julietta, Ralph Lawson, Ray Okpara, Detlef, Kaiserdisco, Davide Squillace, Catz 'n Dogz, Lauhaus, Felix Da Housecat, Dubfire, Mathias Kaden, Meat, Ian Pooley, DJ T, Reboot, Sascha Dive, Shinedoe, Steve Lawler, Ante Perry, Brothers' Vibe, Nic Fanciulli

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   Christos Fourkis was born on the 12th of January 1981 in Aigio, Greece. Music has always been a part of his life since childhood.

  His passion and appreciation for music, lead Christos into the world of Dj’ing introducing new and diverse musical innovations to his crowd. He started Dj’ing in the early period of 1997 performing in local clubs. His DJ appearances have been loved and respected nationally and now internationally by performing on many well-known Internet radio stations.


  The year of 1998 Christos Fourkis entered the world of producing electronic music. He purchased his first personal computer and analogue hardware to start composing his own electronic music. Professionally, Christos has been producing for 4 years and his first productions received a very good response from very well known and established artists. Currently, he has started his first batch of remixes and also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music.


  Self-taught, Christos Fourkis has always followed his heart towards his goals to create genuine, impassioned music. Throughout the years of practicing and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering as well as his mastering sound techniques.

His dream and ambition is to express his feelings and make people understand his music when he is on the Decks.

Booking/Info/Remix Contact :

Track? !D thnxs Christos Fourkis for providing us his biography.

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  Lathered in percussion of the once you pop-you can’t stop variety, deep tribalism is defined by a froth worked into bass rotating with a muddy determination underneath. From there, ‘Poema’ is shaped by Lento’s installation of a crackly vocal made to babble like he’s twiddled the dial into the World Service while picking up a house transmission on the same wavelength. Its raspy signals fractured and sent ricocheting in and out of the mix play off the resolution of the groove, where a degree of coming off-the-wall, from the programming of the dialect chattering with irregular sexiness, to the coil doorstopper-like rebounds that surround it, never find Lento losing his balance.

  Mendo handles the remix by telling the original to pin its shoulders back, the Clarisse headmaster turning the dancefloor into a treadmill with a slight incline and making sure there’s a strong armed pull to go with it. Sharper drums, percussion (leaking taps? Radar blips?) flicked down black holes until you can hear them being gulped down, and vocals sounding ever more pitched between bedraggled language tape and the cause of arena voodoo... you can hear deep techno condensation preparing its descent down the walls of whatever stuffy downstairs spot or domed expanse ‘Poema’ is ready for.

Amazing early support from :

Andrew Grant - Anek - Anja Schneider - Anton Pieete - Carlo Lio -
Cristian Varela - Danny Howells - Dave Angel - Dj T - Dubfire - Factomania -
Gary Beck - German Brigante - Gregor Tresher - Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont -
Guy J - Hollen - Horatio - Hot Since 82 - Ibiza Sonica - Igor Marijuan - Jay Lumen -
Joeski - Jonny Cruz - Julio Navas - Marco Bailey - Marcos Cruz - Marcos in Dub -
Marko Nastic - Martin Eyerer - Matt Cooper - Mihalis Safras - Mladen Tomic -
Monika Kruse - Nick Curly - Nicolas Masseyeff - Nicole Moudaber - Outstrip -
Oxia - Paco Osuna - Patrick M - Paul C - Philippe B - Pleasurekraft -
Pulseradio. net - Riva Starr - Sabb - Satoshi Fumi - Sergio Fernandez -
Shlomi Aber - Slam - Someone Else - Stacey Pullen - Stefano Noferini -
Technasia - Terminal M - Tom Flynn - Veerus and Maxie Devine - Wehbba

But also 000 - 2Robots - A.D.D. - Adoo - Al Vince - Alex Wellmann -
Alexserra - Axel Bartsch - Biella & Astrall - Castiblanco - Charlie Brown -
David Abarca - Deas - Diego Infanzon - DJ Felipe - Esteban Fdez. -
Indira Paganotto - J Paul Getto - Jesus Pablo - Jo Psarados - Jose Diez -
Matheux - Mik Santoro - Patrick Zigon - Project AKC - Raphael Dincsoy -
Rattang - Reydan - Samu.l - Sasha Le Monnier - Saul R - Simon Adams -
Slave Jr. - Soulshifters - Terry Francis - Tjek - Tomb Crew - Tony Patxer -
Vidal - Vin Vega - Volum1k - Werner Niedermeier - Zakem

Release date: 10 March 2014               by Saved Records

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Out on March 10th, Saved 100 will feature original material from label bosses Nic and Mark Fanciulli alongside Saved mainstays Robert Dietz, Philip Bader, Stacey Pullen, Gary Beck and Alex Tepper. Mouth-watering remixers include Danny Daze, Frankie Knuckles, Joris Voorn and Adam Beyer with the likes of Subb-an, Spencer Parker, Terrence Parker and Mark Broom all also set to feature in a compilation that displays both the depth and dexterity of Saved Record’s impressive back catalogue. The compilation will also come with an exclusive mix from Mark Fanciulli, serving up a label perspective from right within the eye of the Saved nucleus.

Released by:Go Deeva               Release date:24 March 2014


'Jantika is a very talanted dj and producer from Moscow (Russia). She has been writing music with her sweet partner Katarina July, for all the people throughout the world.Jantika has been changing the directions of music during all this time. She began her career in the quality of producer with the underground techno sound. She didn’t stop and remained in tune with, mixing a few styles in the music: progressive, house, tech house, techno.Such a beautiful girl, who knows, how to create top hits music for the dance floors, must be a superstar of club scene. She spends a lot of time at her studio! She works to find her own, perfect sound! It gives her possibility to present exclusive tracks for many fans all over the world. The experiments with the analog sound in our digital world is the work with hardware synth, which give her music a special deepness and warm.

Katarina July has been changing the directions of music during all this time. She began her career in the quality of producer with the underground techno sound. She didn’t stop and remained in tune with, mixing a few styles in the music: progressive, house, tech house, techno. Such a beautiful girl, who knows, how to create top hits music for the dance floors, must be a superstar of club scene. She spends a lot of time at her studio! She works to find her own, perfect sound! It gives her possibility to present exclusive tracks for many fans all over the world. The experiments with the analog sound in our digital world is the work with hardware synth, which give her music a special deepness and warm'

Born In Athens (Greece) in 1989.

Promos & Remix

 From his childhood he was influenced by RnB, Soul & jazz music that made him immidiately get into House Music. It was matter of time to start piano lessons & get into Music Pruduction. He realised that he wanted to take his music Production skills to the next level so he studied sound engineering & music Technology.

 As a Dj he first started to play music mid 2006 along Dino MFU. Having played along with some of the brand names in the House Music Scene Such as Little Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford, Quentin Harris, Dj Yass, Frankie Knuckles, Jojo Flares.

  Over the past 8 years he released many tracks on various labels such as Suma Records, Look at you Records, Quantize Recordings, King Street Sounds etc. He Loves to test new sounds & new Waves of Music while he is in Studio.
Since 2013 Chris IDH is one of the owners of the most Upcoming labels Known as Zero10 Records and one of the most succeful producers in Greece nowdays.

Released by: AVOTRE              Release date:7 April 2014

By residentadvisor. 

  Around a time when deep house music was imploding in on itself amidst a deluge of uninspiring loops, mindless repetition and utter disposability, Berlin’s Santé emerged as part of a wave of new producers with a different cut to their electronic jib. His productions ooze character, charisma, soul, colour, humour and above all a sense of humanity and feeling so devoid from the less inspiring corners of house music. 


  After teaching himself to play the guitar in his early teens, Santé bought himself an Akai MPC-2000 when he was 16 and set the ball rolling for a life entrenched in electronic music. “I was totally into sampling and house” he recalls of those early days of button bashing and experimentation. He left his hometown when he was 21 to immerse himself in the dance music mecca that is Berlin. The plan was to study music at university, but failing the entrance exam meant he had to pursue other endeavours. A studio internship blossomed into a full-time career, with the emerging talent spending six years producing jingles and ad music and nurturing his passion for house music at any opportunity. Nothing was released, however, until one of his demos found its way to Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards. 

  His first ever release came out on Edwards’ acclaimed REKIDS imprint, setting the bar incredibly high and garnering him a lot of high-profile attention in the process.
The next major stepping stone for him was meeting two guys named Ali and Basti - also known as Tiefschwarz. “They were looking for a new engineer and took me to their label Souvenir, where I got the freedom to release my music and have a playground” he explains. This fruitful, intense relationship lasted three years before Santé decided to fly the nest in search of new pastures, his sophisticated sound developing all the while. In recent times, his style has taken on yet more verve, with the warmth of the house he has always known and loved now bolstered by a loose techno rhythm and percussive drive. The sensuality remains, yet with more dance floor urgency. Whether its one of his acclaimed live shows or one of his DJ sets you’re listening to, the infectious energy is always there.

  He describes himself both as a party animal and a studio gremlin (“because you need to be both to do music!”), and cites his biggest influences as The Cure, Talking Heads, Aphex Twin and the Detroit techno pioneers and legends. Embracing both the convenience of the present (producing wherever he goes on his MacBook) and the charm of the past (one look at the rented 808 in his studio will attest to that), he is a producer who effortlessly spans the old and new skool in the most uncontrived of ways.

  A look at his upcoming release schedule spells out what a diverse producer he is and how far his popularity ranges - from bastions of techno like Cocoon to the kings of big room house Defected, through to underground darlings like Desolat, Supernature and 8Bit. Few producers can claim such a breadth of imprints to be associated with at any one time. When you ask Santé to describe his musical style, he says he doesn’t really know how to - which goes someway to explaining his widespread appeal.

  Plans for the future include his long-awaited debut artist album, which he promises will be more of a song-based affair than a straight-up collection of dancefloor grooves (“to show a few more skills”), and his fledgling Avotre brand, currently housing a record label and with a clothing line in the making. With his impressive release schedule to boot, he’s looking to be bigger than ever over the coming months.


By residentadvisor. 

Sidney Charles

  'It might have come as a surprise to some that Hamburg’s Sidney Charles topped Resident Advisor’s Top 100 Most Charted Artists of 2013, but it’s an accolade that speaks volumes about both his approach to music and his prolific, consistent output. Born Sidney Charles Hurricane Vieljans (yes, really), his journey towards the world of house and techno began when he first started DJing hip-hop, soul and funk at the age of 15. 

  Taking his cues from the golden age of turntablism and associated culture in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, his attentions were led towards other sounds of the era also enjoying their first heyday. His infatuation with those classic 4/4 club sounds is something that lives and breathes vividly in his music today. It might have come as a surprise to some that Hamburg’s Sidney Charles topped Resident Advisor’s Top 100 Most Charted Artists of 2013, but it’s an accolade that speaks volumes about both his approach to music and his prolific, consistent output. Born Sidney Charles Hurricane Vieljans (yes, really), his journey towards the world of house and techno began when he first started DJing hip-hop, soul and funk at the age of 15. 

  “I see myself mainly connected with the raw house sound” he says of the style he projects with his productions and DJ sets today. “I am highly influenced by the early ‘90s. Jacking beats; heavy kicks; dirty highs. But I also like to experiment a lot to not make people bored of a certain sound.” Whatever shade of house or techno he’s producing, it’s always packed full of hard grooves, raw sounds and a classy simplicity that lets the track do what it’s supposed to do: make your ass wiggle. 

   For a producer who only started releasing music in 2011, Sidney’s achievements are all the more impressive. In the space of just three years, his works have graced bastions of house and techno such as Avotre, 8bit, I Am A House Gangster, Moda Black, Off, VIVa, Kling Klong, SCI+TEC, Suara and Area Remote - each release adding to his clout and helping him to become one of the biggest names in the underground. And that’s where he wants to stay. He has no lofty aspirations to play arena shows or break through into the mainstream of electronic music. He’d rather stay true to the scene and surroundings he loves and develop and grow therein. “I think the most important thing for me is that people take my music as a personal part of me” he says. “That means I can create an image mostly characterised by authenticity. So I don’t need to play for the biggest fees in the biggest clubs. I am mainly interested in the underground scene itself and being an active and creative part of it. 

  With my music and my activeness in the scene as a DJ or otherwise. I want to give my part to keep the underground alive. As my music is meant to be honest, I also see myself more playing in clubs which are not fancy or posh-like. I see myself in more underground-orientated locations like Sankeys, fabric, Watergate, Panoramabar…” Along with his lengthy studio stints and packed DJing schedule, his role as A&R for Santé’s burgeoning Avotre imprint and the occasional parties he throws in his hometown ensure that he’s constantly immersed in his passion. While his focus is on making dancefloors vibrate, he’s also working on an album and a project with like-minded star Darius Syrossian and is keeping plans for his own record label in the back of his mind. With the diversity he’s displayed and the continually acclaimed output he’s been creating, there’s little doubt that Sidney Charles can continue to grow and evolve in the years to come - even within those refreshingly focused parameters which he has set for himself. '


Anna Wall

'Ask any well-known DJ, artist or producer the secret of their success and chances are that hard work will be pretty high up their list of essentials. Anyone who knows Anna Wall will know that this is one of the many characteristics that defines her, and now, after years of working her way up the underground ranks, it looks as if years of graft are starting to pay dividends.... 

   Since first getting to grips with decks at the age of 19, Anna has developed a reputation and keen following in her native London and university town of Newcastle. Playing classic and contemporary house and deep detroit techno with a strong affinity with the roots of both, Anna’s broad knowledge of the history of dance music sets her apart from the hundreds of unimaginative, chart-championing DJs that plague the scene. Anna’s international break came in 2011 when she was recruited as resident DJ for Croatia’s Yacht Week, spinning for an epic 7 days 7 nights. Since then, she has been booked alongside some of the world’s most respected DJ talents, with the last few years seeing Anna DJ in the impressive company of MK, Robert Owens, Norman Jay, Inland Knights, Soul Clap, Adam Shelton, Jordan Peak, Santé, Matthias Kaden, the list goes on... 

  Anna played for one of Mixmag’s first ever DJ Lab's on location at their penthouse in Miami alongside techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Miami’s own Treasure Fingers; an incredible achievement in its own right and one about which she is extremely proud. Anna spent her season last summer in Ibiza, playing clubs such as the world famous Space Ibiza for Future Disco alongside Carl Cox's The Revolution Unites every Tuesday, plus trips back to her hometown to play Warehouse LDN, and Watergate in Berlin. This year, her first solo EP is finally complete and with a collaboration with #1 most charted artist of 2013 on Resident Advisor: Sidney Charles in the works for Santé's Avotre imprint, be sure to keep your eyes and ears on this lady...' 

Lets find some vibes...Dropped by

Sven Väth  at  20 Years Time Warp

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Thodoris Triantafillou
(Rhythmetic Records, Glory Hill Studio, Mind Melder)
  Hailing from the Greek capital, Thodoris Triantafillou has excelled in all corners of the industry after devoting his life and career to a creative output that illustrates a concoction of influences from across the musical sphere. Recognized by peers and fans through a stream of compelling releases on labels such as Rhythmetic and Souvenir, it’s the composition of the philosophy behind a record, the raw energy that electronic formats have to offer, and an exploration of the inner self that makes Thodoris’s productions stand out amongst the rest.

  Over the past 12 months, Thodoris’ position within the dance music industry has propelled after breaching the national Greek iTunes Top 10 with “The Way”, co-produced with regular associate, CJ Jeff. One milestone onto another, Thodoris then championed all niche’s that lay in the DJ/Producer pathway with the outlook of always pushing forward as an artist to the next task at hand. Testament to this, are the events Thodoris has been hand picked for, from peak time performances at some of the most notorious European mainstays, to the sun fuelled sets that festivals and balaeric affairs alike provide.

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 As time pushes on and music evolves, as does Thodoris. Keeping the unrelenting yet satisfying pace of the past, he looks to the horizon as awe inspired by the beautiful scene as day one. Already cemented as coordinator to Athens based Rhythmetic Records, new monuments will reveal themselves through imprints such as Bedrock and Lapsus in the following year. 2014 further brings a new light in the form of “The Glory Hill Music Studios”, from which you can expect new personal productions and the birth of a new imprint that promises to showcase a format that motivates the man behind Thodoris Triantafillou.

Bio EN (Xtended)

  In the late '90s he released his first single, an album he wrote and sold without consideration for downloads. Available as .wav and .mp3 formats, it was distributed by (MDSD). The new millennium came and with it came the rise of digital distribution. The delivery mode of the industry changed and the ease to release and distribute music was beneficial yet chaotic for the young artist.

Under the name of Novox, with Lostra in the early 00's, he released 5 EP’s under the novox moniker. In the past decade, Thodoris continued his solo career under the name and in cooperation with CJ Jeff, released tracks on various labels. The global distribution and sales of this project brought excellent reviews and support from the biggest names in the club scene like James Zabiela, Richie Hawtin, Groove Armada, Tiefswartz, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham, Josh Wink and many, many others.
Working with various clubs, events, and festivals, this multi-talented producer has played at the likes of Watergate, Cavo Paradiso, Synch Festival, Dybbuk clb prive, 6Dogs, Salt N' Pepper and many others...and doesn't intend to stop traveling. Thodoris also writes and produces without sticking to one sound, enjoying the culture of clubbing and coming from an eclectic background of spinning Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, R n' B, Breaks, etc. He believes that "the quality, character, and distribution of the ensemble is what makes the difference and not the kind of music we play". With this concept in mind he always pushes to create an atmosphere to entertain a crowd wherever they are found.

Thodoris Triantafillou Mixtape (For Material Mix - Radio Show - 07-02-2014)

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Thodoris Triantafillou Feat. Benji – Missionary (Rhythmetic 028)
Thodoris Triantafillou – You Can Do It/The Saddest Story (Rhythmetic Beta 01)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Dirty Cash Feat. Jessica 6 (TBA)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - It’s Over Feat. Takis (Rhythmetic 025)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - The Way Feat. Benji (Rhythmetic 022)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff – New Day (Rhythmetic 020)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Not Only U EP (Rhythmetic 018)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Zougla EP (Rhythmetic 016)
Thodoris Triantafillou - Let it Fly EP (Orpheus Music 001)
Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff - Barum EP (Katchulli)
Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Power Over Nothing (Rhythmetic)
Thodoris Triantafillou - Morningrama EP (Quantized Music)
Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff - Got to Be EP (Souvenir Records)
Thodoris Triantafillou Feat. Vag - Suspicious Behaviour EP (Rhythmetic 012) February 09
Thodoris Triantafillou - Voodoo Monkey EP (Genowefa Recordings 003) Nov 08
Rhythmetic VA - Thodoris Triantafillou Feat.Vag - Suspicious Behaviour (Rhythmetic 010) 

Dec 08
Other Projects:
Sony Ericcson Promotional CD Dec 08
Novox - One Stand Night ep, Plasteline 06, Jun'07
Novox - Hidden Rooms ep (incl. Luca Bacchetti remix), Safari Electronique 021, Jun'07
Novox - Marbles ep, Resopal 041, Mar'07
Novox - Boobleg ep (+Dario Zenker/Popnebo rmxs), Balkon 07, Nov.06
Novox - Rotor VA Electronic Athens compilation no.2 (Ntrop Records) April 06
Novox - Coufault (+ Alex Smoke remix), (Ware 63) April 06
Novox - Our Ghosts VA City by the Sea: Athens (Voltage Musique 09) Mar 06
Novox - Dont forget to (Ware Records58) Nov05
Novox - Sweat & Smoke EP+Bonus track Lazy2Let (Ware Digital 50) Jun 05
Novox - Sweat & Smoke EP (Ware Records 50) Feb 05
MDSD ( – 01 (Free Download Album) October 02
Imugem Orihasam - Mirror Of Mind (Thodoris Triantafillou Demix) (Etoka Music)
Marco Faraone - Mio Chico (Thodoris Triantafillou Demix) (Waldliebe Musik)
Dj Feevos - Free Wave (Thodoris Triantafillou Demix) (Wet Music)
Suedmilch - Chaba (Thodoris UYF Remix) - Genowefa 05
Presslaboys - Chefava (novox remix) Quantized music
Agnes - "Drowning (novox remix)", Resopal Red 013 (digital)
Joalz - "Very upstairs from you (novox remix)", Ntrop 010 (digital), Apr.07
Closer - "Singles (novox remix)", EMI, Jul '06
The Fuzzy Nerds - "Project no.9 (Novox projected remix)", Sonic Playground
Patrick Pelzner - "All to dry (One to wet remix by Novox)", Plasteline 02, Nov.06
Adaptor - Meteor (Novox remix), Rhythmetic 04, Jan06
Mud max - Dogbite (Novox bitten rmx), Balkon 01, Nov05
Thodoris Triantafillou
Athens, Greece.
Rhythmetic Records | Glory Hill Studio

By Mixmag.

'As a pairing, Kaveh Soroush and Kalle Ronngardh make up Pleasurekraft, responsible for the stunning remix of Booka Shade's 'Crossing Borders' last month.

Quickly following that up with another remix, this time with Stockholm producer Tiger Stripes whose previous releases have fallen on Get Physical, Adam Beyer's Drumcode and, most recently, Desolat with 'Sisters''.

'DJ, producer, sound designer and entrepreneur are just four facets of this multi-talented man. Born into an intensely musical family (his mother is a pianist), Larry Cadge’s career as a DJ started at the age of 16. In just a handful of years, Larry has taken house music to new heights. With an innovative style that mixes tech with funk.
In 1995, he founded Global Age Productions, with the aim of developing promising record projects for placement with other labels. Larry Cadge has a passion and he wants to share it with you, having spent his entire lifetime in a profound commitment to music, and making his own inimitable contribution in DJ-ing, production and mixing'.

Release date:10 February 2014 
Released by:Smiley Fingers



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Hotel d'Amour" is a sexy and deep track with a pulsating bass and a playful rhodes-line. The robotic voice is looking for love in all the wrong places to finally have some peace of mind.

Release date: 24.03.2014
Label: OFF Recordings




Support from Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Pan-Pot, Andhim, Hot Since 82, DJ Sneak, Monika Kruse, Gregor Tresher, Anja Schneider, Riva Starr, Thomas Schumacher, Carlo Lio, Super Flu, Noir, Peter Kruder, André Crom, Kaiserdisco, Jay Lumen, Chus, Wally Lopez....

After his surpise summerhit 2013 'Finder', Ninetoes started touring the world, did some remixes and moved from Stuttgart to Berlin where he found the right inspiration for his next single 'Escape'. Just listen how a great bassline can make wonders so this looks like another big track coming your way. Thanks to Tiger Stripes and Jesse Rose & Playmode for providing exceptional remixes for our shooting star. The two Kling Klong chiefs Martin Eyerer & Rainer Weichhold can't be prouder.

Releasedate: 07.04.2014
Label: OFF Recordings
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Release Date 28th April 2014

Next on NM2. Check the full release here:

Special Thnx To Giannopoulos Nikos

  After numerous releases for labels like Pong Musiq and Cuatro Records, Spanish DJ/producer Javier Orduña makes his AMAM debut, the Se Hace Camino EP. Javier is not a solitary nerd but rather someone who thrives on collaboration (also check out his recent EP together with Xordo of Sci+Tec Digital Audio) and this case is no different. It kicks off with AMAM labelmate Dakpa’s remix of “De Nuevo Otra Vez”—Why start the EP with a remix? Well, the title translates loosely as “once more all over again”, so it fits the concept! If you enjoyed Dakpa’s First Division EP released late last year, you’ll easily get sucked into the subtle, climbing pads while the crisp, jacking percussion forges ahead. Then, Javier teams up with Pablo Bolivar, known for his work on Curle and Desolat, for “The Goat Stripe to the Mountain”. This one is a more low-key, twinkling number with traces of electro splendor.
“Mi Pollo” (Spanish for “my chicken”) highlights Orduña’s Latin roots, offering some kind of twisted synthetic flamenco tech-house. Then the original version of “De Nuevo Otra Vez” is unveiled, a chugging track that features a catchy, twee piano melody to tickle the ear drums just as much as the lower-end frequencies tickle your rear end. Finally, the source of the EP’s title, “Se Hace Camino al Andar”, offers a tasty mélange of acid, minimal and Kraftwerkian sounds, showing how Javier Orduña can project his influences into the future for a sort of sonic poetry.

Back in 2009, exactly five Marches ago, Culprit began its journey. 5 years of existence is a 

significant mark for a label and worthy of some introspection. 

With its new release, The Los Angeles-

based label celebrates one  of its most recognisable elements, The Standard Hotel 

Rooftop, the site of the labels signature parties  for the  past 6 years: Its been more than 

just a location - the rooftop has become the essential ingredient of Culprit's philosophy. 

Inspiring a successful three part compilation series, Above the City, which has united 

some  of the  best young production talent around, the series has showcased a particular 

brand of warm  summertime sound, modern yet timeless.

 Each remix is a Culprit debut for all of the remixers. Yet, each of 

them is part of the  extended group of friends of the label, a like-minded tight-knit 



  Rhythmetic is back with another stand out release, this time in the form of a single. Packing enough weight and diversity on its own, there is no need to include remixes on this one quite yet. To truly be enjoyed for what it is, Dousk & JMP team up as they follow a string of past collaborations that have seen wide success and support across all departments of electronic music. Dousks past release last summer was a testament to his skill and unique sound that has gained him a comfortable seat amongst the underground for some time. Now, teaming up with a fellow Greek producer JMP, the two combine forces to create one sexy and shaking bit of house called Last night.

  Rhythmetics 34th release drops just in time for the spring season as warmer temperatures and more lively settings crave new hits for the upcoming year. Stopping at nothing but sheer dance floor bliss, Dousk & JMP call upon funky bass and drum programming to add that extra bit of love to their arrange. Simply built for moving bodies and generating a carefree vibe, the two use some familiar vocal sampling to tell a story of true love found in the club. Building into massive stomping drops and fading into somber yet soulful breaks, Last night is an emotional rollercoaster of perfected deep sounds.


  With a background in production for television and film, Dousk has seen a long stent of releases from many years ago. Teaming up with newcomer JMP, who has graced the desks beside some of the best in the business like Digweed and Cocoon heroes, it is truly a perfect mix of new and old.   As Rhythmetic continues to drop new heat from its homeland of Greece, its outreach to the Greek house community has enabled it to cultivate interesting and powerful releases with each drop. Following the same formula from the beginning, its no surprise to see that their 34th record is unlike anything weve heard before.

JustJay is an Essex based underground House DJ/Producer available for international bookings.

JustJay is an Essex based underground House DJ/Producer who has not only showcased his talent in some of the leading venues across the UK but also holds a residency in the worlds party capital of the world Ibiza! His energy and passion is next to none and this really shows in his music.

The way he can control the mood of a crowd is amazing. His passion is in the more underground Tech scene however he never fails to deliver whatever the atmosphere is! 

Deep & Tech house has been his inspiration for the past 5 years, inspired by artists that vary from niCe7 to Hot Since 82 to Richie Hawtin to Maya Jane Coles, he loves to play with the crowd and keep everyone on a energetic vibe! 

"I just live for the music, this a a hobby too me, not a job! If I have fun then normally everybody else follows" 

Catch JustJay across London/Essex, also at WeAre FSTVL on Sunday 25th May! You can also hear JustJay LIVE every Tuesday 8-10pm on Confetti Digital as he presents his show StrictlyDeep (