Released by:Deeperfect
Release date:22 September 2014

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Released by:Suara
Release date:8 September 2014

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Here we have our BIG cat's favourite artists remixing his best tracks. For Part 1 we have three hot producers: Andre Lodemann, Bontan and Harry Romero doing their personal interpretation of "Just Nin" and "1, 2, 3... Fire!".

 The first remix of the package comes from Germany Andre Lodemann and he delivers an amazing melodic techno work from one of Coyu's most personal cuts, not an easy thing to do. Bontan and Harry Romero do their job with "1, 2, 3... Fire!". 

The english producer comes up with a bass focused tune that will literally break all dancefloors with its jackin' grooves while the american offers a much darker production with some sombre bass chords. This is just the first part from what is going to be a very successful remix series. Trust the kitties!

Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by

Big support from: Felix Da Housecat, Marco Carola, Booka Shade, Stacey Pullen, Gregor Tresher, Pleasurekraft, Noir, Guy J, Nick Warren, Adam Beyer, Kaiserdisco, Gorge, Nice7, Phonique, Audiojack and many more!

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U still should know, otherwise you can experience it now, that my 'Obscure Theatro' Podcast Series is always full of deep melancholic Chords, smooth "Build Ups", tasty Beats and dark atmospheric parts full of magic and beautiful Vocal Parts that will set you in a dreamy Mood...
But don't let us make too much words. Here is Episode XIII ...

Released by:Superfreq Records

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UK talents PAX make their debut on Great Stuff with a track that’s made for big sub woofers and special moments on the floor.
We Can Evolve Feat. Hannah Magenta combines Hannah’s powerful vocals, that glide very sleekly throughout the track, with cutting edge house music and a mesmerizing vibe. “We Can Evolve” will keep you locked in it’s bass heavy groove for quite some time!

Israel’s excellent Audio Junkie duo get to work on the first remix, creating a more energetic groove and a darker bassline that compliment the added chord sequences perfectly.

ANIE provides remix number two, going into the opposite direction and mellowing out the original just a little. She’s blending in a bit of a dreamy feel, while still following Hannah’s very strong original vibe.


Rhythmetic CEO, CJ Jeff was brought to the attention of the world dance music circuit when he launched his career in 2001. Born & bred a Greek, whose family thrived in a circle of sociologists, Jeff coined a sound that quickly became distinct and recognizable, with a chic aesthetic to match.

13 years down the line Jeff continues his reign from his humble abode in Athens’s. With a highly esteemed local residency lasting for over 10 years and an equally impressive 11 years at Mykonos’s “Cavo Paradiso” there’s no mistaking CJ is a formidable asset to his countries electronic outfit. But his sound has travelled much further afield, having made an impressive appearance at the 2011 Olympic’s Closing Ceremony in Athens, and worldwide performances at the likes of Watergate, Berlin & D. Edge, Sao Paulo, Jeff has covered a huge set of ambitions of which he set out to do at day one...


Having shared a studio with other familiar local electronic producer, Thodoris Triantafillou, Jeff’s personal output immerses the listener into deep rolling percussion led house music that can only be executed with the experience Jeff is able to affiliate with himself. As a roster regular on Souvenir, These Days, Material and most recently joining ranks at Skint Records, it is influences such as Massive Attack that have enabled CJ to pursue such career high’s and obtain the perfect balance in his output, neatly tucked in between groove & psychedelic.

As a DJ, producer and record label owner, CJ Jeff’s passion and execution of electronic music has continued to shine through his home led imprint, Rhythmetic. Thirty-three releases in and still going strong with the likes of Nick Curly and No Artificial Colours gracing the catalogue, CJ has taken the roster & output from strength to strength.

As driven as ever, Jeff is set to take the next few months firmly in his stride as he takes to remix duties for Booka Shade and new homes such as Bedrock & Lapsus recognize his undeniable talent for release.


Dimitris Katsibokis aka BOK was born in 1986 at Athens, Greece and grew up on Soul, Funk & Disco rhythms. BOK started djing at the age of 18 in bars and clubs to earn the leaving. He shared decks with Betoko, CJ Jeff, Finnebassen, G-Pal, Adrianos Papadeas, Gus & Bonso and many more. BOK as a producer he make a lot of bootleg remixes and original House productions. His music style is a trip from house to techno.

Kurdish boy, 23 year old 
Helsinki, Finland.

Nominated 2013 
Top 3 Rising DJ at DJ Gala in Helsinki!

I began to be interested in this genre when I started going to various electronic music events. Never in my life I have experienced the same feelings as this music genre brings to me and I can’t even describe the euphoric state it puts me in. 

I was blown away by tech house music and I found a sound that I truly loved. I, however, noticed that it was still missing that little twist which I wanted to bring up with my own style. The music genres I play are deep house, tech house and techno.

I’ve always wanted to mix these three important things to me on my music career;
Passion – Music has always been more than just bass and good sound to me. 
It’s a way to express myself and how I feel. It’s not just a track after a track, it’s a story which has a deeper meaning.

Unique sound - I'm proud of my background and I want my origin to be heard by adding some Eastern twist to the music. "The Middle East Sound" which is a combination of a catchy "drop", percussions, Eastern vocals is the closest to my heart.

My ability to give the listeners the same amazing feeling the track gives me - As a DJ I'm aiming to turn my visions into music that people can relate to. The best way to get on my level is to listen to my sets and enjoy them.


Track? !D. Thnx  Zacharian Sarkan Saber
For Providing Us all that useful info beyond that Tribute.

Release date: 21.02.2014


  • A1 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Manuel Tur Remix)
  • A2 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Sevensol & Bender Remix)
  • B1 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Trickski Remix)
  • B2 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Henry L & Ingo Sänger Remix)

Digital Bonus

  • Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Sello Remix)
  • Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Robin Masters Orchestra Rework)

Paskal & Urban Absolutes are celebrating the release of their debut album „LUX“ (released in november 2013) with a big bash, encompassing two special remix packages (vinyl and digital) and with an illustrious group of liked minded peers. Same as with their own work credo of cross-city collaborating (Paskal aka Alex lives in Berlin, Urban Absolutes aka Adrian lives in Essen) the twosome assembled half of Germany for the first, now available 12inch of the Lux remixes.

They take us from Berlin via Leipzig down to Essen and Dortmund and from there to Düsseldorf and Cologne. One of the album's standout tracks, “Take The Fall” featuring the guest vocals by Pete Josef from Bristol, has gone under the knife all in all four times. The outcomes couldn't be more diverse: Manuel Tur, the Essen based eminent deep house authority, operates yet again most meticulously and precisely to produce a true grace of a dancefloor sure shot as if by magic. As a little surprise an infinitely meandering 303 acid bassline sets in in the second half of the track for sheer delight.

Sevensol & Bender, two of the founders of Leipzig based quality techno imprint Kann Records, don't apply less effort either and chop the track to its pieces. Without further ado the track's vocals fall by the wayside, only dare to surface muffled in a setting that couldn't be more contemporary and more today. This is German handcraft at upmost grade.
The contribution from Düsseldorf, from Sello who is just taking off these days, uses a similar technique and is free floating in the nowhere land between soulful deep house and sinister Detroit techno. A highly explosive concoction like a seven minute long coitus interrupts maintaining the tension til the redeeming finale.

The fourth mix of the bunch is by Berlin's old hand Oliver Marquardt. The man with the thousand monikers and masks (DJ Jauche, Jack Flash, Rockford Inc. and the here deployed Robin Masters Orchestra) proves for the umpteenth time why he still is regarded as one of the most sought-after remixers of a scene you can't really put a finger on. The way he drastically rearranges “Take The Fall”, how he layers vocals over vocals, incorporates a break here and there and adds extra drums to the mix is simply breathtaking. In short, orchestral!

The Paskal & Urban Absolutes party continues with two remixes for “Here Again” – another hit off the album. The former Sonar Kollektiv warhorses Trickski seem to almost have been waiting for this assignment. The sound the Berlin based duo has been sported to perfection on their last few releases on labels like Delusions Of Grandeur and SUOL is being refined even further with this top-notch remix. This is full throttle peaktime club music with an aesthetics that will be style-defining in 2014.

And since we are making these superlative comparisons we can easily tag the remix by Henry L & Ingo Sänger (from Cologne and Dortmund) as the next blueprint of how the updated version of Chicago house has to sound like this season. Of course the awe-inspiring voice of Jazzanova singer Paul Randolph helps enormously to raise the already regal original to unexpected heights. To tell the truth, a high you don't wanna come down again from.

That's what the second release in the Lux remixes series will most definitely cater for. 

Stay tuned! | @paskal-1

Released by:DESOLAT
Release date:18 September 2014

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Long Time No Hear from our Italian friend Bimas. Well.. since March when his "Blast" appeared on DESOLAT X-SAMPLER (DESOLAT 030). 
Now he is back with this new Desolat Mix. It is fresh, it is smooth and it is a special chocotechno mix. Thursday's italian delight. Tastes good, enjoy it!

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Patrick Topping has been making certified waves this year, especially in Ibiza, where his track 'Forget' has been topping the charts as one of the most Shazamed tracks of the summer.

His new one 'Too Much' is a bumping and rolling workout that will find its home on the DC10 terrace and at clubs around the world. Thick basslines and drums that ooze funk, this one goes deep. Check it.

Second sampler of the forthcoming Hot Creations compilation album ‘Hot Summer Jams’. This sampler features another smorgasbord of killer cuts, from the inimitable Patrick Topping who, hot on the heels of this years huge ‘Forget’ smash, delivers the dirty fidget fest that is ‘Too Much’. 

 Also on this side is Hot Creations latest star Jey Kurmis with the irrepressible ‘Caz She Can’, another killer! On the flip Tom Flynn gets low-slung ghetto with the hooky as hell ‘Take Me Down’. 

Rounding of the package is Hot Creations homeboy Russ Yallop with a slice of jacked out hypnotic moon groove, ‘Traffic’, ka’boom! Another superb sampler from this great compilation.

Read &Listen Track? !D's  tribute for Patrick Topping here

Written & Produced by Antrim

Remixes by 
Van Bellen, Mauro Norti, Dale Middleton

Released by: Sound Avenue
Release/catalogue number: SA024
Release date: July 15, 2013

Chrisovalantis Zouros a.k.a Chris Zent was born and raised in the city of Veria, Greece in the 80s. Since his early childhood, Chris has felt attraction for music stuff making him to explore and discover different styles and artists world over, and the opportunity in the 90s to get into house music and dj-ing as well. 

Since then, Chris Zent has not stopped doing what he loves - playing as a dj - in a long list of parties, as well as organizing different nights or as a guest artist alongside many Greek producers. It has to be said that 2012 gave him the right tools to start producing music and to show what the skills are when making great music as his debut ep on Progrezo Records My dream proves.

This is a session definitely showing the philosophy of 
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On Decks Fantis & Aristodemos.


Sven Tasnadi

c/o cargo edition

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 114

04105 Leipzig/Germany

Fax: +49 341 2256003 



The rise of electronic music must have had an influence on numerous biographies in the early 90s. The new sound in the clubs also left its mark on Sven Tasnadi. Born in 1978 in Leipzig, he is one of the figureheads of his hometown’s extremely vivid club scene. In 1995, after innumerable clubbing nights, he was curious enough to learn deejaying himself. Through acid house and Chicago house, he found his way to more minimalistic forms of house and techno. It wasn’t long before he was being booked for gigs in Leipzig clubs.

Soon he also had his first gigs outside of Leipzig – for instance at the legendary Berlin TresorIn addition to deejaying, Sven Tasnadi was also attracted to the idea of producing his own tracks. In the beginning his equipment was still relatively modest. However, over the past years, he has managed to create a studio setup that meets his standards. In terms of musical style, the Leipzig-based artist has always kept all options open – his tracks vary from deep house, percussive-reduced tech house and soul influences to trip hop and ambient.

After several net label releases, the year 2005 marked a crucial turning point in his career. He met the renowned Leipzig-based producers and deejays Matthias Tanzmann and Daniel Stefanik. They quickly became friends, resulting in the first vinyl release on the Moon Harbour sub label Cargo Edition in 2007 – a collaboration with Daniel Stefanik. Soon afterwards his first artist EP was released, paving the way for further label contacts.

Today Sven Tasnadi is considered a firm fixture in the German clubbing culture. His tracks have appeared on EPs released by labels such as:

  • Cocoon Recordings 
  • SmallvilleRecords 
  • Poker Flat Recordings 
  • Liebe*Detail and Ornaments

Sven Väth was especially impressed by Tasnadi early on and licensed his track "Waiting For You Again" for his "Sound of Season" compilation. At the same time, he produced morethan a dozen remixes for Steve Bug, Johannes Heil, Anja Schneider and others. 

 Sven Tasnadi now has regular releases on Cargo Edition. As one of its most important artists, he has a considerable impact on the label’s sound. The positive response to Sven Tasnadi’s productions is also reflected in his deejay calendar – the numbers of sets is increasing every year. His gigs include parties at renowned clubs, such as the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and Plastic People in London.

In 2009 Tasnadi founded the label Oh! Yeah! together with Daniel Stefanik and Juno6. Managed on a friendship basis, this joint project once again pools the output of all three artists in a very special way. Sven Tasnadi has also developed a live set together with Juno6 that premiered at the Think! Open Air 2011 in Leipzig.

Track? !D. thnx Sven Tasnadi 

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