Release date: 01.09.2014
Label: Diynamic Music

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Diynamic has come up with another idea for a new series of EPs… Under the title Diynamic Revisited, it will see one artist remixing two older tracks from the label’s back catalogue. First up is David August, who has elected to re-envision tracks by Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Stimming.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s ‘Last Day’ was first released back in 2009 and was a tropical bit of metallic tech house. David August’s revision, though, transforms it into a much deeper, slower burning and spiritual track with heavenly chords and buried deep baselines. When it drops it’s a spine tingling, emotional track that will silence dancefloors for all the right reasons. 

Stimming’s ‘Der Schmelz’ came on his Change EP in 2010 and was a kinetic and intense bit of synthetic tech house funk. After David August works his magic though, the track is a moody, patient and spaced out track with slowly undulating grooves, haunting synth sounds and lots of starry night sky melodies that really make you take note. 

This is the start of a great new series and it kicks off with two essential new revisions by the one and only David August. 

Antonis Pavlides A.K.A Paul Anthonee was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, where was influenced from a young age by his musical surroundings. A house / deep house / tech house / experimental producer and dj, based in Thessaloniki, Greece since 2003 where he's been djing for a long while as well as promoting highly succesful parties.

Djing since 1997 Radioshow named "CLUBLAND" on Radio 1 (Cy) 1998-99 Residency @ Club Agora (Nicosia) 2000 Residency @ Club Vivendi (Nicosia) 2000-01 Radioshow named "MIX AT SIX" and "GLOBAL NIGHT-OUT" (With Konstantino) on MIX FM 102.2 & 102.3 (Cy) 2000-07 Guest Djing on Mix Fm’s Parties along Cyprus: Agia Napa , Larnaka , Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos (Agia Napa:Club Ice, Castle Club, Nissi bay) Guest dj @ Fresh Club, Zoo Club, Bizz Bar, Playroom Club Warm-up Dj Sets including: Deep Dish, David Guetta,DJ Viton Amadeus, Sonique, Nick Warren, Jan Carbon, Haris C, Michael Angelo & Jim, Dino Roy, Andrew K, Anestie Gomez, V-Sag, Chris Tek & Peter Dub, Kenny Bobien (Gospel Vocalist), Kevin Yost, Martinez Bros, Akylla, Smoothtraxx, CJ Jeff to name a few...

Voted DJ of the Month on April 2003 by "X-Treme" magazine Moving 2 Salonika (LAW School)  

Thessaloniki: Guest dj @ Club Zoo (Friday Nights) 
2004 Residency @ Moko Bar 
(2004) Residency @ Ask Bar 
(2005) Residency @ My Place Bar-Club 
(2006-07) Guest dj @ Shape Beachbar (Sundays) 
(Summer 2006) Residency @ Marbella Wonder Beach 
(Summer 2007) Residency @ My Beach beachbar 
(Summer 2007) Residency @ Loulaki Bar 
(2007-08) Residency @ Suki Bar 
(2008-10) Residency @ Remvi Cafe Bar Restaurant Club (2010)Residency @ WNIGHTCLUB thessaloniki 

Radioshow on (Fasten your Seatbelt) Releases: Thru the daee EP on 

Perception (Fasten your Seatbelt) Releases: Thru the daee EP on Perception Musicme.

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     Electronic music producers are unique individuals with the skills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce transcendent music. Some are more than just musicians through; they represent a way of life that embraces innovation, technology, and communion through sound. They share it, travel it and some simply live it. 

     ARGY, aka Argyris Theofilis, born of Rhodes, Greece, is one of these rare artists – perhaps even the epitome of this way of life. Utterly dedicated to his work, Argy's passion bleeds through in everything he does, from interviews and conversations to creating deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-art house music. 

Just 25 years old,
the Berlin-based artist is already among the elite of the underground club scene. He seized the spotlight with the massive 2005 hit ‘Love Dose’, duly remixed and championed by Luciano, and hasn’t stopped since. 

Argy ||--|| Closer Than Most [Desolat

In the past five years Argy has worked with an impressive array of labels ranging from Sven Vath's Cocoon and Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity to classic house imprint Ibadan and even Defected. 

Always seeking to break down barriers, 
Argy's studio collaborations and club events with New York DJs The Martinez Brothers have brought together audiences and sounds from formerly unconnected worlds, drawing inspiration from their mutual appreciation and friendship

 New Argy's remix On Hot Since's 82 New EP.

     This same spirit of collaboration is evident on Argy's first full-length project 'Focus on: Argy', released on Poker Flat in 2008, where he works with fellow music luminaries such as Jerome Sydenham and DJ Gregory, creating a fusion of influences rarely witnessed in techno music. Two subsequent DJ mix compilations: 'Cavo Paradiso 09: The Master Sessions' and ‘D.Edge Sao Paolo’ on his own imprint.These Days, confirm that Argy's output to date is only the tip of the iceberg. He has a rare talent for taking audiences on musical journeys they might never have imagined
    Argy developed his love affair with night-time culture as an teenager, thanks to memorable club experiences headed by the U.S. house scene‘s finest. 

     Fascinated by the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate, Argy dreamed of performing, using the concentration of the DJ to feed and fuel the response of the crowd. Fittingly, he has developed a unique style of mixing in key which allows him to combine everything and from classic techno to deep disco, weaving a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization of genre or era.

This eclecticism carries over to his label These Days, which is an outlet for Argy’s relentless pursuit of artistic perfection. The imprint rose in 2009 and has since released music from Argy, DJ Duke, The Martinez Brothers, Stephen Brown, Radio Slave, Beat Pharmacy, Jerome Sydenham and more. In addition to production duties Argy does everything from A&R to artwork, determined to make the label an “up-to-date yet timeless” ideas platform.
      ”I could never be a music purist,” Argy says, “I find beauty in so many things.” Among his fascinations are architecture, current affairs, visual art (growing up in Greece, he planned to be a painter before he discovered clubbing) and music as varied as bossa nova, jazz, Krautrock, and African trance. 

   Emanating clarity and focus – on both a personal and musical level – rare for one of his years, Argy represents a new breed of far-sighted talent driving modern electronic dance music. He considers the future with confidence. “I was taught that there is nothing that you cannot do, and that if you love it you will do it well”, he says. And, as fans across the globe will testify, Argy does music very well indeed.

Track? !D.  Supports & Thnx ARGY For Providing us all that useful Material beyond that Tribute.

Release : 25.08.2014 (Vinyl)


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Like stepping into a warm electronic sound bath, Chaim’s latest release for Visionquest ripples with pulsing sonic textures and propels forward at a softly galvanic pace as the slowly emerging melody takes hold in ‘Underwater’. B side ‘Remember When’ is just as compelling - a slightly tougher edge and darkly euphoric atmosphere injected with sporadic chimes, disembodied voices and dramatic synth stabs. This is a truly hypnotising release.

Now being based in the hub of electronic talent that is Berlin, Chaim is still a true stand out artist in today's fast paced digital world. After a wave of stunning releases on labels such as Supplement Facts, Cocoon and MBF, for a time Chaim worked exclusively with the Berlin based BPitch Control imprint. 

His acclaimed debut album 'Alive' released spring 2011 on the label and this season his monster Ibiza anthem ‘Blue Shadow’ (on Rumors), has proven his powerful, individual productions to be some of the highest quality club tracks around.

Fusing solid bass heavy grooves, clearly inspired by his love for those classic jacking Chicago jams, hypnotic synth hooks, trademark affected percussion, live instrumentation and vocal snippets, Chaim's unique and organic sound always makes an impact. Underpinned by top-class studio knowhow, his crisp, forward thinking records are a joy to drop in front of even the biggest crowds.

A heavy DJ touring schedule has seen the enigmatic Israeli grace the DJ booths of Fabric and Panorama Bar to name a few, and his work with the BPitch crew has highlighted him as an exciting figure amongst the current electronic scene. Visionquest is proud to welcome Chaim to the fold.

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Italian based imprint Moan Recordings, was born at the end of 2011 from the idea of two friends Clausen and Kaschant. Moan is focused on House and Tech House, with Funky, Minimal, and Techno influences. It's tasteful music made for maximum enjoyment on the dancefloor by some of the most interesting artists of the underground scene. 

Charted and played by the most respectful djs such as Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Matthias Tanzmann just to name few. All the projects brings different artists together to get a creative music style, a new musical concept, inspiration, emotions, feelings and high quality dance tunes, in one word : MOAN.

Moan Recordings releases have been charted by Oxia, Audiojack, Jay Lumen, Oxia, Mendo, Jay Lumen, Lauhaus, Christian Smith, Jimmy Edgar, Uto Karem, Santé, Oxia, Lauhaus, Jay Lumen, Oxia, NTFO, Anton Pieete, Nick Curly, Martinez, Oxia, Hector Couto, Anton Pieete, Mendo and 517 others.

Releasedate: 08.09.2014
Label: OFF Recordings

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We were long craving a little female touch here at OFF headquarters and we have luckily found exactly the right dose of girl-powered funk to amaze our fans all over the globe. ME & her are two musical soul-sisters bridging different cultures and talents. Jen & Phuong have a great background of influences and are rapidly making waves in the house music world.

"Ginseng" could easily be a single, featuring the magic vocal work of Thomas Gandey it creates an hypnotizing vibe with crazy synths and fxs over a funk infused bassline and a killer groove, Adding to our neverending list of all-star remixers, 

we brought in Mendo, from Cadenza, Defected, Suara and 8-Bit fame, a big name when it comes to mindblowing reworks, fact that he proves turning the track into a peak hour techy irresistible monster crafting the original elements with perfection.

The second rework for "Ginseng" comes in the hands of Stevie R and Ian Mackenzie who bring the pace down into a deeper landscaped version with plenty of leading synths and atmospheric value.

"Oyster" is another dancefloor stormer, with a rolling tech house beat and infectious synth bass licks. Once again Me & her show their love for fx atmospherics taking the track to a different level of mind tripping to close this amazing package with "Euphorbia", showcasing a fat bassline that rolls steadily into a moving chord pad. 

This girls are here to stay and clearly to create the best musical tools to mess with your mind, just how we like it. Glad to have them on board!"

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As a child growing up in Barnsley's South Athersley estate in the early 90s, Black Box would often come booming out of his kitchen radio, older brother's stereo or the boy racer's red MRK 2 doing the rounds. So it's no wonder the seminal group who captured a moment in British culture also captured the imagination of a young Daley Padley. Some 20 odd years later and not being one to shy away from a vocal sample it's no surprise Hot Since 82 has served up a summertime moment that's not just for somebody, it's for everybody...EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY

Currently hurtling his way through a summer that would make any young aspiring DJ weak at the knees, Mr Padley has made a track that simply reflects every bit of sun, sand, sea, and sordid after party he's coming across and everybody he's met along the way. The original is perfect for the sunshine raver. Whether on the beachfront, pool-side or rooftop terrace this ticks the box. If you're feeling sinister, fear not, Daley has enrolled Olivier Giacomotto and Cadenza's Argy to put their spin on things with two solid reworks. If you've seen HS82 recently chances are you heard him hammering the Giacomotto mix, this is how remixes are supposed to sound! 

Hot Since 82 is quickly becoming one of the biggest DJs in the world. Having starred on the front cover of Mixmag, performed live with a string quartet, nailed x2 Essential Mixes, served up several Beatport No.1s and this month kidnapping his fans with his new TAKEN project which sold out in 30 mins flat! As if that wasn't enough he's about to embark on a KNEE DEEP IN SOUND world tour that will run from September until the end of the year. 

Somebody Everybody is the third release on his Knee Deep In Sound label, following the success of "Don't Touch The Alarm" (Essential New Tune) and Okain & Cuartero's "Cameleon".

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Vinyl Release:15.09.2014
Digital Release:17.11.2014

Keep your eyes open because this September the mighty Serkal imprint drops its 8th vinyl release coming from Saved Records' Clio and backed up with Luca Agnelli's remix.

New York has always been famous for its Garage and House scene. Serkal has put the American city on the Techno map, releasing a series of quality records coming from producers all over the world. In September they present another strong package, 'Leave Me Alone EP', this time out on physical support, featuring the talented Berlin - based but French - born producer Clio. 

After releasing on Saved Record, Clio now offers up three tracks which move towards different genres, from Dub techno to raw House, clearly showcasing the producer's influences. The title track is a brainy and dark House cut driven by straight grooves, ethereal vocals and deep pad melodies. Desolat and Be As One's Luca Agnelli offers up his version of 'Leave Me Alone', a monstrous Techno dance-floor killer Berghain inspired. Following is 'Wanna Tell You', a melanchonic raw House track in which sampled vocals are fused with industrial sounding bass lines. The EP closes with 'What Is Life', an hypnotic Tech House tune in pure Serkal's style.

Reset Robot is no stranger to Truesoul. Having had 3 previous releases this new EP is his best yet. Starting with the title track ‘False Widow’, Reset Robot introduces a low throbbing sound to give the initial groove of the track before the cyclic melodic synth gives the track its character. ‘The Measure’ uses a delayed stab to create a big impression whilst it layers itself over a swelling pad sound that whisks itself in-and-out of the track before a vocal stab is introduced. ‘Doug Dougan’ is a slowed down jam that uses a more melodic bass line to the rest of the EP. The underlying pad sound builds and rises to create the tension within the track before exploding back into a chugging groove. The fourth track ‘Hello Wendy’ is also on the slower side of the EP and creates a cool groove by combining percussion and a groovy bass line to work synonymously.

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MØ - Walk This Way (KANT Remix)

Walk This Way - KANT Remix

The remix bundle is out on Sunday! Pre Order here:


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