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Producer / Enginner 

Freddy Kaza DJing since 1992 in various clubs in Japan (resident DJ at Bad Yard Club, Club Upper and House to House. One of the pionners in After Hours parties in Nagoya city. Worked as programmer & enginner in Japan and sound designer for Roland Corporation.(Hamamatsu city). 

As guest DJ, played in meaningful clubs of the underground scene: A Louca, Sound Factory, Latino Club, Rave, Soweto, Cha-Cha-Cha, DJ Club, Figa (São Paulo), Club JBs, Masters Club, Club Quoo, GYM, Maniac Love (Japan). Among other works, remixed Solution – “I know you want me”, project from NY city’s Victor Simonelli, released in special edition white 12’ inch vinyl (West Side Records). In 2014 a new EP from Freddy Kaza will be released with four original deep house tunes.

Translucent has releases on Kompakt and Nervous. He's featured on Ultra Majic, has played trumpet on Classic, Hot Creations, and Guidance recordings, with remix work on Kms and Traxmen.

He's one of the innovators of adding live instrumentation while Djing, and is the originator of adding the trumpet to this format. His unique, floor moving DJ sets, are never planned out and always infused with improvised trumpet. His belief in pushing the envelope, experimentation, and collaborating with others keeps Translucent in a creative state of now, always giving his best to the music he loves.

Look for tour dates, new releases, and a full band project soon!

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 Nnoto Bains. A Place Where we all lived
 unforgettable Summer Nights and we are looking forward to continue that way..

Keep up your Summer Feelings & Senses.

A Great Event and Proposal for Tonight.

Date: Friday 22/08/2014.

Nnoto Bains Proudly Presents: 

Giannis Mitsokapas

Today's 22/08/2014 event at Paralia Revolution Bar in Leptokarya Pierias is one of the greatest proposal for tonight.

Be there, cause great music will be dropped by the greatest Dj/Producer in Greece, Unique Cj Jeff.

Up the Greeks!

Track? !D. thnx Karavis Dimitris 
For Providing his Set.

3/3 Gems

Released by:Poker Flat Recordings
 Release date:11 August 2014

More essential deep dubs from the Poker Flat stable. Vol. 2 delves yet further into the back catalogue of one of the most important electronic music labels of the last decade and a half, and brings to light another wealth of dubbed-out gems.

Dubs Vol. 2 revels in the stripped down, tweaked out vibe of the dub mix, and gives as much space to new artists as to more established producers.

Considering the span of years covered, the 16 tracks sit together perfectly. Martin Buttrich, Trentemøller, Nico Lahs, Donnacha Costello, Gamal Kabar and Steve Bug himself all make appearances, while remix duties are carried out by such heavyweights as Efdemin, Radio Slave, Rib'n and John Daly.

The quality and attention to detail is remarkable throughout the compilation - swinging through tech house cuts such as David Durango's 'Move with Me', minimal detonations like Patrick Chardronnet's 'Days Like This', or techno soul courtesy of Jay Tripwire, and even space disco via Sebastien San. All in all, these are 16 tracks that perfectly capture the label's long-standing dedication to the dub excursion.

Release date:18 August 2014
 by  Amam

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After a few releases on labels including Sincopat, Suruba and Tenampa, Valencian DJ/producer Upercent has now teamed up with AMAM for the L’Egoisme EP, four tracks of synthetic yet soulful tech-house, plus two different remixes from fellow Spaniard Javier Orduña.

“Farandoulo” kicks off the EP with an urgent shuffle, evoking a sense of tension as the sinister synth snakes squeal their way out of the dungeon. Then, Javier Orduña – following his own EP for AMAM in March – swoops in and stretches the track like saltwater taffy across a gyroscope, with a melty atmospheric quality that’s contrasted by the beat’s geometric interplay. 

Then comes the title track: “L’Egoisme” bursts in the room, demanding to be the center of attention as its title would imply. There’s a sense of unpredictability thanks to the playful percussion, on top of which the melody shows off its new dance moves. This one’s got a nice haircut, too.

On the second half, we are treated to the unreleting “Life Again”, anchored by a chugging groove and strange combinations of chords, arpeggiation and miscellaneous debris swirling around – the break at the halfway point will suck your eardrums into the maelstrom it creates!

 “Rainy Mood” saunters along for an introspective change of pace, bolstered by techno-pop touches that would tickle Robert Moog’s fancy. Finally, Javier Orduña returns once again for another remix of “Farandoulo”, this one much rougher, a hungry monster ready to gobble up whatever victims dare to show up on the dancefloor.

Chrisovalantis Zouros a.k.a Chris Zent was born and raised in the city of Veria, Greece in the 80s. Since his early childhood, Chris has felt attraction for music stuff making him to explore and discover different styles and artists world over, and the opportunity in the 90s to get into house music and dj-ing as well. 

Since then, Chris Zent has not stopped doing what he loves - playing as a dj - in a long list of parties, as well as organizing different nights or as a guest artist alongside many Greek producers. It has to be said that 2012 gave him the right tools to start producing music and to show what the skills are when making great music as his debut ep on Progrezo Records My dream proves.

After the great success of Suara's Summer Hit 2014 "The Path", produced alongside Purple Disco Machine, Teenage Mutants is back again with an amazing new EP. This two track EP boasts collaborations from Lars Moston and EdOne & Bodden. The first track called "Magic" is an smart and well thought-out cut that has the potential to become one of the tracks of the year. It's one of those special tracks that's designed for summer open-air parties. "Anthem" is a pole apart, being a much darker night club focused track. Teenage Mutants did it again! This EP will become an anthem. A magic anthem.

Artwork by GaAs

Mastering by

Big Support from: Felix Da Housecat, Mark Knight, Nick Warren, Monika Kruse, Adam Beyer, Tube&Berger, Mauro Picotto, Sonny Fodera, Thyladomid and many more!


Crossing borders is a familiar experience to David Mayer.

Though being born in South Germany, he spent most of his youth living in Norway and (for a change) in Lanzarote, before Berlin happened to become his home in 2004. As a part of the Keinemusik-family from day one, his like-mindedness with fellow crewmembers Rampa, &ME, Adam Port and Reznik has shown in his DJ-sets and productions.

And with Terranova, there is another close, mutually respected and biographically substantial act, David Mayer crafted several remixes for.
As he prefers thinking outside the box, Mayer has always been equally interested in listening to and experimenting with diverse forms of music, no matter what musical genre they derive from, although his passion for funked up and heavily pounding 4/4 beats clearly dominates his creative output. 

Key-tracks like “Fortune”, “Word Is Bond”, “Celsius” and “Sunhole” as much as everything else, Mayer has laid his hands on as a producer, is characterized by an intriguing knack for detail and precise sound design. Both, when spinning records and producing tracks, he is presenting his own interpretation of catchyness, mixing up Techno and House, adding a little deepness, but always keeping an eye on making his audience shake some.

His dedication formally found its way into several musical excursions as a ghost-/coproducer or audio engineer, before the debut was set on keinemusik in 2009. Only leaving his desk in order to indulge some serious clubbing, this guy knows about priorities. With a solid and seriously buzzing stream of output under his belt, it is always of interest, what David Mayer is up for next.



David Mayer- Nacktenordner (Keinemusik)
David Mayer- Ball (Keinemusik)
David Mayer- Crime (Keinemusik)
David Mayer- Blank Sheets (Keinemusik)
David Mayer- Furtune RP (Keinemusik)
David Mayer- Moment / Word Is Bond (Keinemusik)
David Mayer - Jewels (Keinemusik)
David Mayer - Celsius (Keinemusik)
Colloaborations / Remixes
Steed Lord - You (Keinemusik Rmx) (Get Physical)
Jessica - 6 Fun Girl (Keinemusik Rmx) (Midnight Sun Sound)
Santé & Rampa - Aura (David Mayer Rmx) (Souvenir Music)
Matador - Handbagass (David Mayer Rmx) (Trapez)
Marc Miroir - Disco Nap (David Mayer Rmx) (Paso Music)
Terranova - I Want To Go Out - David Mayer Remix (Kompakt) - 2012

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  out Monday 25th Of August 
 at Drumcode.

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Release Date 2014-08-04

Labels Kling Klong


After the introduction of 'The African Awakening' as dub version on our 'Brazil Not Brazil 2014 release it's now time to lift the secret entirely.

 With dj/producer Larry Cadge from London Martin Eyerer & Rainer Weichhold are very happy to add a new member to the Kling Klong family, who's 'Vicious Circle' was one of the big tunes this spring. Instead of releasing on his on label Smiley Fingers he decided to do it the Kling Klong way with Belgian homie Hermanez on the remix duty!

Played by Nick Curly, Ramon Tapia, Noir, Monika Kruse, Felix Da Housecat, Joyce Muniz, Tensnake, Ninetoes, Groove Armada, Riva Starr, kaiserdisco, Sonny Fodera....

Instagram: Lockroom_Cyprus

LockRoom/Cyprus hosting artists
from ALL Genres of Music industry, where they can show their work and experiment with a modern professional equipment.

Event Starts at 21:30
Live Streaming Here-> Lockroom/Cyprus/TV

On Decks Nicholas Mons.

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Nikos Platamonas aka Nicholas Mons is an up and coming dj/producer that has a lot to offer in the electronic music scene.

Born in 1986 at Thessaloniki city, he was 19 years old when he initially stepped into the scene, playing at various bars of the city, uplifting and impressing the crowd! All these years until now, he realised that music means everything to him and, for this reason, in the period 2009-20012 he studied Music Technology, Sound Engineering and Music Production! Nicholas Mons is also creator and owner of LockRoom and LockRoom Cyprus .Everything is House, so keep the house alive!!!!

Track?!D. Supports and looking forward for Today’s 20/08/2014 Event at Lockroom/Cyprus.


MUSIC is the KEY


Sir Alex the alias of Alexandros Prodromou was born in Thessaloniki/Greece but he grew up in Munich/Germany. Although his family has had nothing in comment arround the music world, he started at the age of 10 playing the guitarr and piano. 

Over the years it was in the beggining of 2002 when Alex started his first steps spinning music and mixing beats in different locations all over Munich. His love to the House scene/culture in the early 00s maked him wanna studdy Music technology after he finished school. Alongside with his studdies Alex's love to electronic music and countless hours on the dancefloors, giving him a clubber's view of how music can move a crowd and what stirs the soul. 

Ispired by the way music brings people together, Alex began his own Musical Carreer. Influenced by different types and styles like breaks/nu-disco/deep/house and splashes of 90's techno he played and created several sets for internet radio stations & clubs all over Greece, London, Munich and Berlin with a definitive "retro feel" wich he love. He believes that there are no rules in Music, this principal has guide him his whole life.. 

Music is the Answer! 

Sir Alex



C.TOD was born and grown up in Athens/Greece. He successfully studied “Computer Science” but his passion for the music never gone. His first hearing range as a child was in the early 90’s, in a decade that House Music had already originated. He has been galvanized by that kind of music scene since 2008 and has also been a DJ since 2005.

In the following 2 years he gets experience by other Djs and by playing in clubs and private parties in and out of Athens (Resident DJ @ Mamacas, Mikro- Glyfada, Gazaki Loft – Athens, DOT – Athens, Drops Bar – Athens, Cariocas beach bar, Kalua, Butler – Athens, 3 Gourounakia – Kolonaki and many more), with his only motivation: the love for good music.

The years 2009 until 2014, he started doing Radio Shows, as an attempt to spread the music he loves and try his skills as a radio producer on Cannibal Radio, HitFM 103.5 Chalkida, FlippinRadio and Radio Must

Now he continues DJing all over Greece, gaining a large audience in Athens city. At the year 2014, he putted his little stone to the music world, by starting his own music production on Groovonik Records.

Track? !D. thnx C.TOD 
for Providing us all useful material beyond that Tribute.