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Luca C & Brigante
 Róisín Murphy
Jamie Jones

Luca C & Brigante make a welcomed first appearance on the unstoppable Hot Creations as they team up once again with the esteemed Róisín Murphy, after their massive ‘Flash Of Light’ collaboration released back in 2012.

Having had a break to work on their solo projects, here the duo conjure up one of their best releases to date. ‘Invisions’ is a wholly refreshing Italo House dream with old school melodic synths riding under Róisín’s seamless vocal, and mixed by the legendary Eric Kupper.

The release also features a ‘Club Version’ adding warm, rounded chimes and an infectious bassline.

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The highly respected Luke Solomon also makes his first appearance on the label, rounding off the package with his ‘Body Dub’ version, directed straight at the dancefloor with a prominent hypnotic loop, driving hats and a distinctive, abstract melody.

Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones delivers his ‘Submerged Remix’, deep and dark, destined for the earlier hours of the morning.

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Tech house is a subgenre of house music that mixes elements of techno with house music. The term tech house developed as a shorthand record store name for a category of electronic dance music that combined musical aspects of techno, such as "rugged basslines" and "steely beats," with the harmonies and grooves of progressive house. The music originally had a clean and minimal production style that was associated with techno from Detroit and the UK. In the mid to late 1990s a scene developed in England around club nights such as Heart & Soul, and Wiggle, the latter run by Terry Francis and Nathan Cole. Other DJs and artists associated with the sound at that time included Charles Webster, Bushwacka!, Dave Angel, Herbert, Funk D'Void, Ian O'Brien, Derrick Carter, and Stacey Pullen. By late 2000 London nightclub The End, owned by the former Shamen rapper Richard West (Mr C) and Laylo Paskin, was considered the home of tech house in the UK.


As a mixing style, tech-house often brings together deep or minimal techno music, the soulful and jazzy end of house, some minimal techno and microhouse (especially with a soulful feel, such as Luomo’s music), and very often some dub elements. There is some overlap with progressive house, which too can contain deep, soulful, dub, and techno elements; this is especially true since the turn of the millennium, as progressive-house mixes have themselves often become deeper and sometimes more minimal. However, the typical progressive-house mix—which might integrate some funky house, trance, and even some hard techno at times—has more energy than tech-house, which tends to have a more “laid-back” feel. Tech-house fans tend to appreciate subtlety, as well as the “middle ground” that adds a “splash of color to steel techno beats” and eschews the “banging” of house music for intricate rhythms.
In contrast to most progressive house, which tends to have a progression over the course of the mix ending in an ecstatic release of energy at the end, tech-house often aims at achieving an even “groove...

Musical structure

As a musical (as opposed to a mixing) style, tech-house uses the same basic structure as house. However, elements of the house 'sound' such as realistic jazz sounds (in deep house) and booming kick drums are replaced with elements from techno such as shorter, deeper, darker and often distorted kicks, smaller, quicker hi-hats, noisier snares and more synthetic or acid sounding synth melodies from the TB-303, including raw electronic noises from distorted sawtooth and square wave oscillators.
Some producers also add soulful vocals and elements, and equally as much raw electronic sounds in their music. However, a rich techno-like kick and bassline seems to be a consistency amongst tech house music.


Electrotech arose in Western Europe in late 2000 as the result of mixing high-attack basses found in electroclash with general tech house structure. As such, compositions still featured simple, discernible lyrics and single-note basslines, however, the final sound had a somewhat rough, "fuzzy" attitude very commonly found in electroclash. Examples of electrotech include "All You Need" by Miss Kittin, "Keep Control" by Sono, "This World" by Slam and "I Want You" by Paris Avenue.


Deeptech or Deep Techhouse, is a tech house sub genre that fuses techno and the sub-genre deep house, using slower tempo, Latin percussion, soulful vocals, or vocal samples and longer note durations, which are very common in deep house, combined with drum distortion, side chaining compression, and heavy effects on vocals/samples, which are the norm in techno production. The songs or tracks in this sub-genre are known for a more relaxed groove, as opposed to tech house's upbeat feel. Artists such as Chris Coco and Miguel Migs have produced, and released Deeptech.

Pumptech (a.k.a. pumping house)

Pumping (tech) house is another, much more successful subgenre of tech that originated in Southern Europe when a trio called "The Biz", consisting of the Italian DJ Benny Benassi and two Swiss/French singers created a hit "Satisfaction" in late 2002. The signature sound was characterized by a modulated ("granulized") bassline, notable sidechain techniques, minimalist hitting and a heavy amount of reverberation used on either riffs or robotic voices. Pumping house became a huge success in 2003–05, as many other European producers (notably Vanguard, Royal Gigolos and Global Deejays) also took on the style and created their own distinctive variations of it.
Pumping's popularity fell as quickly as it rose after progressive house lost prominence, while electrotech started separating into a distinct genre around 2006. Some bands kept their sound intact and were kicked out of the mainstream later, others tried to implement new changes and even sacrificed their original sound.

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Adrianos Papadeas started his musical journey, in 1992 as a dj in local clubs of the island Spetses where he was born and later in Paros. He decided to take his love for deejaying one step further so he moved to Athens and began his studies in musical technology while he was working as a dj and sound engineer in radiostations.

In 2005 he’s doing his debut as a radio producer in Best Radio 92,6 where he finally has the chance to present his musical selections to a wider and musically educated audience. He soon becomes known for the melodic yet underground sound of his radio shows and his popularity begins to expand to a larger crowd from all the spectrum of electronic music.

In 2007 he joins the crew of the record label The Sound Of everything as a compiler and event organizer. In the summer of the same year he releases his first compilation under the title Concealed Truth. The success of the compilation exceeded all expectations and established him as one of the most popular radio producers and djs of Greece.

Fresh & Free Download Remixed By Adrianos Papadeas. 

Get it Free

In October 2008 Adrianos releases his second compilation, Concealed Truth 2, which instantly became a best seller in dance music in Greece and proved beyond doubt that his success is anything but circumstantial. In June 2009, Adrianos was voted from the audience as one of the top 5 djs in Greece in the contest Best DJ Awards. In June 2010 he releases the third and the last compilation of Concealed Truth 3 which followed the successful course of Concealed Truth 1 and 2.

Since 2011, Adrianos has been releasing his own productions and remixes for the The Sound Of Everything Records, Swift Records, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, Method and more labels.
He is still considered one of the most active and respected djs in Greece and he recently returned to FM radio with his weekly show on 88.6 Radio (Athens/Greece).

Track? !D. thnx Adrianos Papadeas for Providing his Biography & Info. 
Release Date 2014-11-17


Electric Ballroom
 Victor Ruiz
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Victor Ruiz to Electric Ballroom. Victor Ruiz is on the front line of a new generation of Brazilian producers and DJs. His unique, to the point, modern Techno has won him a huge audience in Brazil and across the globe. Draco and Serpents are two superbly crafted cuts of the finest Techno fresh from his studio in Sao Paulo.
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MIGUEL ROSA - DJ- since 1994

With a solid and diversified training in Sound (ETIC’s renown “Curso Geral de Som”), his studies were made on a general basis, combining both theory and practice (Acoustics, Production, Music History, Electronics and Non-Linear Edition).

Miguel Is influenced by different music genres, from Classical to Jazz, Pop to Disco and Funk music, from R&B to Soul and Gospel and also by ethnical and the so-called MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). His work varies within several House music types: Deep, Tribal, Soulful, Progressive, Minimal, reggae,dub,disco,nu disco, Techno... good music is very welcome...

Miguel has worked, both as a resident or a freelancer, in about 37 clubs, namely in some of the most acquainted ones in Portugal : Lux, Absoluto, Fragil, K Club (Lisbon), Kadoc (Algarve), Hit Club (Porto), Pacha (Ofir), Século 19,locomia, Zip Club, Hollywood, Penha Club,Heaven Club, Kapital, Kapitulo v,Green Hill, Mare Alta,Rocks, Queens... Out of Portugal he has played in Belgium, Italy, Montenegro,Slovenia, France, Switzerland, ... and with some of following international top-DJ’s: Miguel Migs, David Morales, Jeff Mills, Dave Clark, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Bobby D' Ambrosio,Rob Di Stefano, Antonio Ocasio, Claudio Cocolutto, Marcelo Castelli and Juan Magan...etc

His sets have been acknowledged all over the world namely for his “technical” skill,and musical choices.

His talent was recognized in 2 different contests: “Dance Club” (the only Portuguese magazine in the field) as “Best House DJ” and “Antena 3” (national radio station), winning with his House set.
Miguel Rosa works with CDs & vinyl and his sets range from Deep House music to Techno, but influenced by the already mentioned music genres.
His distinctive mark is on the combination of music influences. His unique way to drive the dance-floor is also very well-admired. The sound Miguel Rosa plays is powerful and of high-quality.
Being a pioneer in his Region, has allowed locals to learn the ‘beauty’ of dance music, changing their conventional taste. Nowadays, he is recognized for the hard work and development over the last 20 years, not only by his public, but also by his fellow mates all around the world.
His goal for the future is t producing in 2014. The time in-between will allow him to be prepared for that important step in his DJ career, a true turning-point towards a more and more solid professionalization. 


It's no secret that M.A.N.D.Y., the electrically-charged duo whose destiny is so closely intertwined with that of Get Physical's, have become a force to be reckoned with during the past decade. From epic collaborations and industry-shaking releases like 2005's „Body Language“, „Oh Supaman“, „Superstitious“ and their very own Fabric Series to their envelope-pushing, technologically-minded live acts, you'd be hard-pressed to find a self-proclaimed dance music lover out there who didn't know the mysterious acronym we all use to refer to Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer's joint project.

It is with this highest of standards that we happily receive, once again, an EP from M.A.N.D.Y. before 2014 is out. 

Obsessed EP is a two-tracked release that holds true to the duo's tested recipe of epic, no-nonsense creations, evident from the eponymous 6-minute opener that is nothing short of a bass monster to a more aquatic, almost oriental closing track that forces us to look at things more slowly while we're serenaded by robots from other planes. 

Will release  on Suara
the 1st of December


Henry Saiz


DJMAG PREMIERE :Henry Saiz on Suara,Melody & Magic at a never ending journey[Unreleased presentation]

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Mannheim. 1985 / 1986

What if sometimes there is no choice about what to love? There’s only one duo.

Reinventing themselves gradually to distinguish themselves. Golden era hip-hop culture and classic house grooves were their starting shot.

Hot Creations

Their versatile live sets: a league of their own. 
Their brilliant underground releases: pathbreaking.
Their home: Mannheim. Square town. 
Their mothership: mono and 8bit
Their way: from releases on Little Helpers to releases on Draft and contributions on Deep Tech Records – just to name a few.

Some of their appearances: Time Warp Germany. Sonus Festival Croatia. Luciano & Friends
Closing Ushuaia Ibiza. Nature One Germany. Furthermore: numerous gigs in and around Germany, in Asia and all over Europe. 

Their style: Atmospheric. Eclectical. Strong Grooves.

Their genre: Dub House / Deep Tech(no). Produced to reduce. Reduced to produce. Yet never the same. 

Their aim: comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

It’s safe to say that Bunte Bummler are the whizkids of the groove.

Latest set of Bunte Bummler @ Sonus Festival 2014 [Croatia]

The circle is complete in the square town.

Track? !D. thnx Bunte Bummler for providing Us all Useful beyond that Tribute.

Release Date 2014-11-24


Basement Jaxx
 catz n dogz
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Release Date 2014-11-24
Labels Diynamic


Diynamic launch new Various Artists EP Series After an incredible summer that saw the Diynamic label release more big hits from boss Solomun and hot talents Adriatique, as well as hold down their fantastic outdoor parties in Ibiza, the Hamburg house stable is unleashing a brand new series of four Various Artists Eps called 'Four To The Floor' - the kick-off sees four EPs, four tracks each, focussing on the dancefloor. The names included along the way are largely exciting new producers who are being welcomed into the label fold for the first time and each of the four new EPs will be released roughly two weeks apart, starting November 10th.
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 The producers hail from all over the world including France, India, Switzerland, Israel and many more places besides. This, then, is something of the start of a new era for the ever-evolving Diynamic label and showcases their skills at unearthing the next big things. EP2 Continuing with the new talent themed series of 4 new EPs, Diynamic now hit EP2. Opening up the account is Undercatt, a Yuma associate who contributes 'Golden Area'.
 It's a punchy, meaty house track that gets cut up with future sounding alien synths that will send dancefloors wild. Next up Denite & The Liquid Mirror, who have previously released on Londons Third Ear, offer 'Together'. Their track is a lively, up-tempo tech house affair with celestial pads, hooky synths and lots of bristling drums that drive things along in style. Then it's to French artist Anton Dhouran of Kumasi Music. 
Just 20 years old, he is inspired by the likes of The xx and Stephan Bodzin and his cut 'Mirage' is a make you reminisce house track designed for the hearts. The drums are big and bold, the melodies are massive and the vibe is beautifully sad, the ideal closing track for Solomun's summer festival sets . Closing out this EP is BLOT! Feat. Lifafa who are amongst India's foremost underground electronic music and mixed media live acts. 
'Empire Waste' is their jam and it is a well-constructed song with proper lyrics, a sense of sadness but also some bold key work that really strikes right at your heart. Once again every one of these new tracks sounds fresh and exciting at the same time as fitting in nicely with the Diynamic vibe overall. EP2 Undercatt - Golden Area Denite & The Liquid Mirror - Together Anton Dhouran - Mirage BLOT! Feat. Lifafa - Empire Waste
Release Date 2014-11-24
Labels Hottrax

Bunte Bummler 
Hot Creations
Just over a year ago Hot Creations sub label HotTrax released the massive Puke It Upfrom wAFF. Making their debut on the label, Mannheim natives Bunte Bummler follow upwith a monster of a release, the Purple Talk EP. Here they deliver three techhousebombs directed straight at the peak time dancefloor. Solid basslines, vocal snippets,sonic layers followed by hypnotic yet trippy FX, infectious melodies and ounces ofenergy make this an essential release for any record bag.
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J Diesel Producer/DJ/Singer/Songwriter 


Hailing from the distant desert horizon known as Las Vegas emerges a bright new talent known as J Diesel. Musically versed in the underground hip hop aesthetic in the late 90's J Diesel's first love for urban beats was found in the art of turntablism and deep dark hip hop. A love affair of music soon blossomed and led him down many exploratory paths through musical interests such as Air, Deftones, Ryan Leslie and The Neptunes. Like many producers he passed his DJ'ing phase and soon began producing beats.

It wasn't until 2008 when he experienced rave culture at the notorious Electric Daisy Carnival that he felt his musical calling. Soon after he began creating his own eclectic form of house music, gaining him a signature on the long running Nervous Records imprint. Soon after he found his music on Kling Klong, Definitive Recordings, and Natura Viva. These releases garnered support from some of the best in the underground world such as Maceo Plex/Maetrik, M.A.N.D.Y. Loco Dice, Macro Bailey, Hot Since 82, AndHim, Tiger Stripes, Pig & Dan, Pleasurekraft, D-Nox & Beckers, John Aquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Tommy Trash, Funkagenda, Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Saeed Younan Blond:ish, Jimmy Edgar and many more.

Always trying to push his boundaries and skills, J Diesel continues to produce and DJ effortlessly, trying to capture the dark, organic and funky sounds that constantly inspire him.

A little dark, a little funky, always sexy...

Releases on:Riff Raff
Kling Klong Records
Definitive Recordings
Natura Viva
Nervous Records NYC